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  1. Hi I've recently bought myself an xbox 360 controller for the PC and thought I'd try this game using that. Everything is going fine... until, I do a joe mission. When I press the right trigger to turn right it also fires all my weapons, it's like the RT button has been assigned to two functions. I've also noticed when walking around, when I move the right thumb stick the head turns left and right, which is different from the normal scheme. I did try disabling the 360 scheme and then enable the controller and assigned a 360 scheme which then allowed me to modify the key mappings, but I see quite a few red entries (double mapped). but not sure what mappings need to be set. Does anyone have a good 360 controller profile I can use? or suggestions on what mappings to use. I'm thinking about getting the HINDs DLC, but if the controller is firing and turning then it's not going to be good for hinds dlc. Thanks
  2. Harag

    Drifting on take off

    Thanks all for the advice, I'll remove the dead zones on the stick to see if it helps any more, I did finally manage to beat the lesson, but I used auto hover - so is that classed as "cheating"?? do helicopters have auto-hover features? For the stick, I've basically left the sensitive / dead settings the default, I will of course keep trying without the autohover for practice.
  3. Harag

    Drifting on take off

    Thanks, I'll give it a go, not used the joystick in a long while so think I might have to get used to it again, I tried twisting it left, but seem to start spinning, too much twist me thinks... going to load it up again now and keep trying.
  4. Hi All I've just downloaded the game from steam and doing the take off tutorial, I've noticed when I increase the collective to "light on the skids" the helicopter starts to drift mostly to the right and back, even though the wind direction is left. the 3rd take off lesson (crowded area) is proving very difficult as it drifts out of the area and when I try to correct it, it then just goes all wrong. I'm playing in trainee mode with a Saltek evo force stick, vista 64bit and downloaded the latest drivers, but this didn't help. So not sure if it's game mechanics or my stick. Cheers,
  5. Hi I've downloaded the demo from steam and been through the lessons of how to file, hooked up my joystick (Saltek evo force) and started the cargo challenge to move cargo from a - b. I've managed to pick up the first one, but when I fly to the drop off point I appear to crash into something, but can't see what. I'm wondering if I'm too low down but I can't see the cargo below me. How can I raise/lower the winch for the cargo? How can I see the cargo? Also is there any 3rd person view? I've seen screen shots which seem to suggest there is, but can't find it on the keyboard anywhere. Thanks all. Harag