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  1. Has ACE mod did anything to the vanilla mines in editor? I couldn't get them to blow up at all unless i shot them off. Any ideas?
  2. toiletguy

    Improving damage models

    This is a game where its based on HP system. Emptying a full magazine of assault rifle on a leg wouldn't kill one in real life. There would be only pain and shock but in ArmA you can get killed by getting shot at hands or feet. I would play only ArmA above all FPS if they could just implement body parts system.
  3. toiletguy

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Tried this as well, still getting blury vanilla texture. Might be a problem on my end since i'm using dev build.
  4. toiletguy

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    I guess it's not possible to throw them up into the modfolder and got it working right? So far i see no red stripes or any 'awesome' texture in game yet.
  5. toiletguy

    Customize field of view!

    Dayz pre alpha has a slider.
  6. toiletguy

    Add some sharks

    Jellyfish, Sea Anemones and Scorpion fishes are more dangerous in Greece.
  7. Do this again but not on the runway. Woods, Hills w/e. I dare you. I double dare you, m!@#$%.
  8. toiletguy

    Improving Ragdoll

    The ragdoll needs a restriction. Impossible knees-bent and weird "<" shape with 360 degrees torso is not acceptable since it ruins the immersion. There must be a way to solve this, add the kinetic force to the bullet or restrict the bones of the body.
  9. toiletguy

    Switching weapons

    Dayz borrowed arma 3 animation from the pre-alpha that i've played, why not for arma 3 to borrow the weapon switching systems from SA?
  10. toiletguy

    Improving Ragdoll

    Most of odd poses came from stationary units. To make these corpses more realistic, a powerful kinetic energy from the rounds will solve this problem. Is it possible to mod the bullet physics power?
  11. toiletguy

    Improving Ragdoll

    Is this how we drop dead in real life? I'd would love to see an improvement on restriction of bones.
  12. toiletguy

    Switching weapons on the move

    You saying that the next update will enable us to use mouse 4 and mouse 5 button now? Splendid.
  13. toiletguy

    Auto-Save in Editor

    It's a golden rule to always Ctrl+S every time you finish something. I've never got a problem with this problem. Just remember to Ctrl+S regularly then you won't need an autosave function in your computer life anymore.
  14. toiletguy

    Switching weapons

    Now we need BI to properly implement this into the final game. :)
  15. toiletguy

    Switching weapons on the move

    You should try to put it up on Armaholic. :rolleyes: