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  1. These are fantastic thanks a lot dude. I know it's unlikely but do you know a way of customising the loadouts or limiting the ammo of the units spawned in the base or observation point module? (Or is there a way to make them all the same class i.e light riflemen?) I'm trying to stop human players from using scoped weapons.
  2. Happening to most people at the moment loading takes ages especially if the servers got quite a few on already, servers are also getting reset fairly regularly at the moment.
  3. I've been playing for arma for a few months and I'm finding public servers can be a bit chaotic so I'm after a small group of people to do missions with (either public servers or download our own) My works flexible so I'm around in the morning/afternoon as well as at night (GMT) I've started playing around with ACE (found a couple of public servers that run it) and enjoy the extra realism so if anyone fancies it? I'm in my 30's and chilled out, I like playing as a team and working together but not to the point where it's no fun, you got to be able to have a laugh as that was gaming's about after all Steam id wormball (or PM me on here as steams got no offline messaging) I tend to use teamspeak for voip but I'm flexible