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  1. i talk about confirmed features now cancelled, not about features what i want. if i want features, i post them into the right topic - the sticky community wishes & ideas list. please read this topic again before writing here such conspiracy theories.
  2. who said that i have pirated the game ? just because i never bought a game from BIS does not mean i never played armed assault or i pirated it :D i never played ArmA 2 free (and never hacked mod support ROFLMAO). a friend of my dad play games too and he had OFP, ArmA (and its expansion packs) and ArmA 2 + Op Arrowhead, he still has OFP but he gave me his ArmA + ArmA 2 (and the expansion ofcourse). lucky that i didn´t gave my money to BIS.
  3. LMAO :D i never bought any game from BIS. and it seems like i won´t buy ArmA 3.
  4. UPDATE !! maybe 2 other features will be stopped/cancelled/postponed 1. JAVA : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140663-Java 2. Fast ropes (read the lastest page of this topic). this is where arma 3 is going....
  5. as they said already, AI won´t be improved since the guy who coded the AI left them without any tutoria or documentary about the codes, so BIS do NOT know how to work with the codes, so there won´t be any big improvements on the AI.
  6. BIS ? please remove water in ArmA3 since we can drive boats on land.
  7. you are funny ! comparing water with a non-functional bunker :O :O you can swim, drive boats, do naval missions etc.... thats another thing. bunker door does not open but can be blow up and then bunker can be enter ? would be good ! but you forgot the AI problem why underground structures are postponed or will be later even cancelled.
  8. all 3 things sucks, its unreadable, please change it. + you need to remove 3 "confirmed" features since BIS confirmed that they have been cancelled or postponed 3D editor (cancelled) TOH flight model (cancelled) underground structures (postponed, maybe cancelled)
  9. shephart

    Terrain Underground complexes?

    so, BIS said that MAYBE there won´t be underground structures FOR A TIME because of the AI problems (they can not even use buildings correctly). the problem : ONE MODDER here released a mod for arma 2 where the AI use buildings successfully and he wan´t to release it in arma 3, here is a video about the mod: BIS, who made this game, are NOT ABLE to do the same but a modder ?! now, when BIS is not able to do that, they should make underground structures and about the AI problems : they should give the community take a look at it, we see that in arma 2 that the AI use buildings correctly (thx to this mod and the modder), maybe modders are able to do the same with arma 3 and underground structures where AI will use them correctly.
  10. agreed. again, its not only about the confirmed feature list in this forum, its more about BIS interviews what they told us (and what not). so, if BIS does not make underground structures, then they should remove this pointless bunker door http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/original/2012/02/ARMA_3__1_.jpg ... its pointless when there won´t be underground structures and players can not enter it. and i said IF.
  11. did u saw when the vehicles brake, that there is brake sounds + tire tracks at the ground ?
  12. i did not say that every single daydreamers should go into the game, please read my post again until you understand my post. of course there will be new & improved things, yet i talk about the confirmed features that BIS has confirmed in interviews but later cancelled or postponed and that in future more features can be cancelled or postponed that that arma 3 won´t be that game that everyone saw it in the videos, pictures and on gamescom when its released, and for some peoples, arma 3 will be pretty much fail or most of the features, too bad that the guy who did the AI left it. oh and btw, youre not only trolling my topics, but i saw you trolling on other topics. true, the confirmed feature list should not be trusted 100% and i don´t truts the list 100%, but i read and listen to what the devs says and what the videos and screenshots show us. first of all, stop trolling. secondly, stop faking my posts, the topic title says "arma 3 = fail ?" with a "?" understand ? it mean that it can be fail, i never said it will be 100% fail, i believe it can be fail. and third, even when i said that like you faked my post, learn to take critism