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    Aircraft... gone with the wind ?

    Thanks for answers. :o I found aircraft for independants, will wait for op/blufor
  2. Hi all ! And sorry if the question has been already asked (and the answer given) : but I can't find any Blufor/Opfor aircraft (plane) in my Arma3 in-game editor ? I have a lot of super helos ! But no combat airplane (like buzzard ?) :( I bought Arma 3 via Steam since the very beginning and my actual Steam release # is 103.110573 (or 103.110673, difficult to read wether 5 or 6). Don't understand, please help. Kind regards, Antier
  3. The Arma 3 in-game manual explains how to activate High Command functions with CtrlL+Space... :o: But seems not to work at all ! :nono: Any idea ? Rgds.
  4. Hi, The In-game Field Manual is sincerely excellent (not speaking about the too short arma3_quick-start_guide pdf). :D It would be nice to print it right now : how can we do that ? Does exist this manual anywhere (site, forum,...) in pdf style ? Sorry if the question has been already asked, but I didn't find any answer about it.