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    Hello there Dan, Tricky here and AEglaecia While we were playing the supply lines map tonight we came across a few new bugs in the latest update. The paratroopers idea is really cool but they seem to be bugged. no matter where you set the LZ they always land just above the first hotzone of the supply line quest (basically just above the rescue the M1A2 ) and they land deep in the woods and more over they are in APC's that they won't get out of. We also tried going to the drop point and even when we get right next to the troopers we can't get control of them. We also noticed the cool mark IDs of the friendly/enemy units but ( and I may be wrong about this ) it seems to have messed up the map spotting, so even when we are both looking at an enemy in a scope he doesn't show up on the map. A minor problem that has been around for a while but wasn't really a big deal is that when you rescue the POW's we have to DC and reconnect in order to get them to listen to us. another small issue that has been around for a while is that when you respawn you always have to re-gear or else you won't get back rocket rounds or ammo and so on. Oh and I just remembered when the POW's are returned to the base one of them starts shooting us, is that because he's a spy or is this another issue either way I think a saboteur stuck in with the POW's is actually a cool idea. Anyway thats about all we noticed just wanted to give you a heads-up