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    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Hey, implementation of wanted items went well so far. But i got the same problem that has been described in this thread before: The WF Menu got buggy and it took seconds for even popping up. As if one second in game are 3-5 sec in real life, which makes the game kind of unplayable. This is really disappointing when your savegame of 9 hours intense playing is ruined. A question to law-giver: why did you choose to disable the usmc and british faction? just wondering, because i really love diversity ;) oh, and thanks so far!
  2. doublewohli

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Hope Tea was fine. The Loadout is fine at start, i wanted to edit the gear purchase interface and add the Ace Gear to buy. I tried to copy your parts about your already implemented ace gear from core_arrowhead_G.sqf and add it to the core_ace_G.sqf in WarfareBE_071_ACE_18.Fallujah. But it doesnt show up in the gear menu. Where do i have to integrate the specific items to be able to buy them in the gear menu? And did you add other items like weapons or ammunition from ace? Just wondering, because all your files in Config\Core_Gear have different sizes. Most are smaller though, except for core_arrowhead_G.sqf. Thanks so far.
  3. doublewohli

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Hello everyone. Thanks for the great work to this point to everyone who has participated at this piece of warfare. But there is one thing i would like to add to the version 1.8 from the Post #1: More Ace Gear. Like the Maptools, Mines, Minesdetector (eventually), c4, the improved GPS, ... I noticed in Law-Givers version are most of them implemented. But i think i like the original version more. Or did i just not get the improvements and changes? So simple question: How can i modify the mission to implement the extra gear? Just adding the gear from Law-Givers version would be fine. Where can i find the required files i have to change? I already unpacked the mission and found Core_Gear, but i think this is not the only file i have to modify. Sorry for my bad english and my questions..