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  1. ericinexile

    Convert/Edit ARMA OA Mission?

    Thanks. I learned after writing the post above that included missions are part of paid expansions and are not modifiable. Otherwise nobody would pay for them.
  2. I wanted to see if it is posible to change the "Littlebird" mission in OA by using the TOH version of the Littlebird. I don't even know if included missions are editable (or even where they can be found). Any help appreciated.
  3. ericinexile

    Mi-24P Fixed gun use

    There is a fairly recent review to TOH: Hinds where the author briefly discusses tactics used by former eastern block Hind pilots. Basically lots of team tactics. No hover/cover as with AH64 and Mi28.
  4. After a little hard work with the reinstall it now works fine. The "medium" helicopter is still too sensitive in yaw. Otherwise great.
  5. OK, so just in case others run into this same problem here is my solution. (You are welcome to comment about how obvious this is or how a search would have yielded a similar resolution.): Before running any beta patch OR before uninstalling FIRST run ToH and uncheck all Expansions except TakeOnHelicopters, Hinds, and jre. Relaunch the game, then exit. In the ToH folder, using the Unistall executable, first uninstall AS ADMINISTRATOR any beta patch. Then uninstall TOH. Check with with windows control panel to be sure that Toh is uninstalled. You should now be able to reinstall. Installer may warn that ToH is already installed (it did with me) but it should work nonetheless.
  6. I seem to have toasted my ToH (1.05) installation by attempting to patch it to the beta 1.06 (aka "Rearmed" RC2). I used the uninstall executable in the Takonhelicopters folder to delete the game and deleted the ToH folder itself. I then downloaded 1.05 from the Bohemia Store. The installation executable said that ToH was "already installed". I continued with the installation anyway but the game CTD'd before the splash screen with the same errors that I recieved after patching the original with the RC of the beta patch. First, why would ToH still be installed after uninstalling and with the ToH folder deleted? Second, how can I make it like it the game never existed on my PC so I can start with a clean slate? I am not trying to fix the current installation. I want to start anew so that the installer does not see any existing version of the game.
  7. I used the executable in the ToH folder with no strings. I then used an executable within the /beta folder which did launch the game but with a host of error messages and graphic/text anomolies in the opening browser. Deleted all of ToH and reinstalling now. ---------- Post added at 20:35 ---------- Previous post was at 18:44 ---------- Arrrrggghhh! Now I can't reinstall the game. I get the same two errors mentioned above. Also, when I install the installers says that takeon is already installed even though I clicked the uninstall link in the folder (as well as uninstalled with windows control panel). I am using the installer just downloaded from the Bohemia Store so the install files should be good. A little help here... Please! Registry maybe? A little less Arrrggghhh. Installed and uninstalled again as admin. Seemed to work this time but there were still some expansions checked. With them unchecked and relaunched it was back to normal.
  8. Sorry but this completely porked my installation. The following errors precede a CTD: No Entry 'Config.bin/CFGDifficulties/Recruit/Flags.ExtendetInfoType' and... Error compiling pexel shader PSTerrain SNX:0 Installed are Arma2, OA, CO, ToH (latest release), ToH Hinds, Noisecontrollers
  9. I see this is generating lots of interest :D. Anyway...solved by using microsoft's virtual keyboard to map the keys I needed to my throttle. Works well enough.
  10. Searching this forum has yielded dozens of threads with similar questions, most unanswered. So it's clear that some key-binds cannot be changed--the Commander/Group keys being one example.
  11. I am using a mac wireless keyboard that does not have a number pad. A few functions can be had using the "Fn" key + another key. But most keys like the "NUM ." do not exist. In options there is no way I can find to modify Commander keys, only Infantry, Vehicle, etc. Is there anyway I can modify these controls? Thanks.
  12. ericinexile

    iPhone variant?

    By take? Eh. It's ok but not finished. The career takes 10 minutes. There's no skeet shooting which would have been my favorite. I would like to increase the swipe sensitivity as I find myself to br too slow swinging though a large arc with the iPad.
  13. Thanks, Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?no8jeyfhf6bhs28
  14. To follow up on my error. I purchase ArmA2 (not free) and had the same problem. Cannot find any file called TakeonH.rpt.
  15. Will do. But it will be a few days. Currently flying. Another detail is that I played the mission from Preview in the editor.