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    Thanks Chief, Nice to know :D
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    Does anyone know what the names are for the side in scripting, for example in ArmA 2 there were: 'West', 'East' and 'Resistance' and some others, but they dont seem to work in Iron front editor? I have tried:'LIB_SOV', 'LIB_GER', 'GER', 'SOV', 'WEST', 'EAST'
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    Detecting Player Movement?

    Ah, I see now, i just didn't think logicaly enough, thanks for the help! EDIT:When the players run away, there is a random delay between when the enemy actually start shooting, is there anyway to fix this? - Urbansausage
  4. Is there any way to to detect movement from a unit, so my situation is that there are player POWs guarded by AI units, i want it so when the players units try to run away, it triggers a trigger that says 'pow1 setCaptive false;" so is there any way to detect movement, maybe an 'is' command, but i can only find isWalking which triggers when walking is toggled
  5. So, Heres the situation, I want to make an Airborne mission, I have written a script to make them eject and everything but I want to command a group of guys when we get ejected from the plane, but when i group them to me, then group the plane to me so that we will spawn inside it, i can command the pilot and the co-pilot, and i dont want this, how do i fix this? Nevermind! I Fixed it, I used the script 'Grp5 = Group this; {_x moveincargo CA} ForEach units group this; ' The CA Is the planes name and Grp5 is the groups name :)
  6. So, What happens is that if i spawn myself in cargo inside a humvee in a convoy, the driver automatically becomes one of my own squad members, but, i dont want that to happen, i just want to be a standalone guy, without any squad, how do i fix this?
  7. So, My Problem Is That When i Try To Set Up a Convoy on a road, im using two Humvees and you get to play as the gunner on top, but, with the AI Driving, The Convoy Keeps Jerking About And Not In A Straight Smooth Line on the road, is there any way to fix this? Thanks - Urbansausage