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  1. Technoscythe

    In need of the Operation Flashpoint Resistance Co-op Campaign

    Yeah, I've been both Uncreative and Bored with regular FFUR Co-op, So I was hoping for the Flashpoint Conversions Co-op version of the Resistance campaign. Seems every single link is dead. Anyone got anythin?
  2. Technoscythe

    Immense Lag on Operation Flashpoint Resistance LAN

    Fixed it a few weeks ago,Just had to switch over to Directplay.
  3. I have seriously been trying to find this for a week. Every single link is broken, and I'm running out of options. Can anyone give me a working link?
  4. I recently got Arma: Cold War Assault after a long experience playing the original cold war crisis. Well when I run Arma: Cold War Assault,I have 60 FPS, Smooth running in Singleplayer. But when I hit Multiplayer, Oh then it gets bad. It drops to like 0-1 FPS, taking about 20 seconds to register my mouse movement or arrow keys, When I hit New, it just goes back to the server browser, What do I do? I've disabled windows firewall as well. :(
  5. I recently gave in to the temptations of patching my OF to Resistance 1.96 to get FDFMod. Well now that I have it, I hit Multiplayer, The thing just becomes a horrid cage of Lag and Frustration. It is clogged to the point of dis-use in the Lobby. So much that I can't even hit Host. I have never had this problem before,and even before I downloaded the mod. How can I fix this? PS: I run this game at like 60 FPS, so having a bad computer isin't a problem.