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    ArmA 3 is a Beacon of Light

    In a modern gaming world where almost every game evolves around tearing it apart, only to sell the pieces as DLCs while you at the same time neglect modding... A gaming world where games are streamlined and watered down to "corridor shooters" or "press A to win"-games. And where most PC games are poorly ported games from consoles. ArmA 3 is a beacon of light. Bohemia Interactive shows everyone how true PC gaming WORKS! You give us PC gamers and developers hope and inspiration in the PC gaming community. You also show how the developers and players should interact. You show us the importance of the modding communities! This is how PC gaming should be. At day 1, we already had plenty of maps and mods thanks to the awesome people in the modding community. BIG UPS to the talented modders out there! I don't got the numbers, but at the release of the ArmA 3 alpha, sales exploded! And i imagine they still do. ArmA is a prime example of a true, sandbox PC game. Only your imagination stops you! And this is why i'm trying my best to advertise it to as many people as possible, to turn them into "armaholics" like me. Alpha is out. The groundstones are set. And BI as us in the community are going to build it to perfection for the release! Bohemia Interactive, i thank you for this awesome game and franchise. You truly are the best thing to strike PC gaming in this DLC-era!
  2. Everyone should have this quote in a large picture at the living room wall.
  3. Winfernal

    Arma 3 Alpha: Vehicles??

    Alpha: Infantry focus. Beta: Vehicle focus. Dwarden confirmed it on IRC. Vehicles will probably be added before beta, but the focus will be at the beta.
  4. Winfernal

    Arma 3 DayZ port? Any news?

    Do you know what else started when DayZ got big? Hundreds of thousands of A2 copies sold for BI. Over a million even.
  5. Winfernal

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    It IS in A3. :) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19329
  6. You can treat it in whatever way you want, with modding. :) The core game wont change.
  7. Winfernal

    Ghillie Suits in Arma 3

    Alpha: Infantry Beta: Vehicles Confirmed.
  8. Winfernal

    Still nothing for the ladies i see?

    Still nothing for the children either?!
  9. Winfernal

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/3rdperson_4.jpg Look. I think this would be awesome!
  10. Winfernal

    Looking for a ARMA 3 Clan

  11. Winfernal

    Volunteers for helping out?

    CoD 4 is good. Modding! I love CoD 4. It is the ones coming after that one that is... meh. And welcome to the community! :)
  12. Winfernal

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    Would there be a problem having a 3rd person where you can't see over wall, but you can still see your character? Like right behind him. I don't think so! We will still be able to see our own character, but no spotting over walls :)
  13. Winfernal

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    Even though i enjoy playing in both 1p and 3p. It wouldn't help if i turned off my own 3p, if i get spotted and shot by someone looking over a wall with 3p. You could have 3p implemented where you see your guy right behind his back, without being able to see over walls. By doing that, most people would be happy.
  14. Winfernal

    Volunteers for helping out?

    When i first started ArmA. I was afraid to ask, and i was always afraid of doing mistakes. So i rarely tried something new... like being a pilot. But eventually i gained the courage, and i now got years of ArmA experience to teach the new guys of the community! And i'll also be there for them and help them, so that they don't end up in the same situation as me. I gladly tell people that are uncertain that they should join in on events etc. you will learn! :)
  15. Winfernal

    How can I presuade my A2 buddy to join me in A3?

    The question here is. Since this franchise is supposed to tip on the realistic side... Isn't easier better when compared to warfare in the real life? I mean, less casualties, less risks. And I don't think actual chopper pilots think "this is too easy" when they're using lock-on systems, for example. Or should they also think about the gameplay side of things? It is an interesting discussion.
  16. Winfernal

    How can I presuade my A2 buddy to join me in A3?

    Don't, it's better for him to wait for the beta/release. In many ways :) All features are in, all weapons and equipment. And there will also be content ported from A2 and older games.
  17. I hope for some older weapons (compared to ArmA 3s timeline) in the full game. Maybe it is something for the resistance faction?
  18. Winfernal

    Map from E3 Demo?

    You mean Altis? It'll be here at release. The other one is Stratis, the one we have now. http://www.arma3.com/features/terrain
  19. Winfernal

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    I would easily set up an 1st person server, if i only had the resources. And I'll gladly favorite every 1st person server i find.
  20. Oh. Yes, i was betrayed by DICE myself. And i fought long and hard for the soul of Battlefield on the EAUK forums, or Mordor (As we were called because of our "negativity".). Before they closed it down. The battlefield series are dead to me now. And frankly, i didn't like the ranks/unlock system in BF2 either. So for me, the sentence would be... "What BF2 should have been". :) As i liked the older games the most.
  21. Winfernal

    Play Call of Duty

    Hey, don't take my shit out of context! :( You have to include with the Or else i seem like a huge hypocrite. Don't do like CNN! :mad: As long as the feature is something that would improve/fit in the ArmA universe. I'm all in. Thats what i'm saying. But sadly, not everything fits. People simply can't demand every feature from other games into ArmA.
  22. Winfernal

    Play Call of Duty

    That being said. There's a certain difference from people being nostalgic and conservative, compared to the ones wanting to improve the game, while keeping the "core" that makes ArmA so special. :) (I'm the latter)
  23. Winfernal

    Play Call of Duty

    I don't like how you're automatically referring us all as "you guys", putting us in the same box. :( I said that, when I've tried my best to reason with some of the people demanding x feature to ArmA, and they still show ignorant behavior. I tell them to either get used to ArmA how it is, or go back to whatever they're playing. :) If this feature is something that would fit in the ArmA universe, of course i support it! But matchmaking and ranks/unlocks, for example... it doesn't fit.
  24. Winfernal

    Volunteers for helping out?

    Good initiative, Richard! In my opinion. We shouldn't welcome them with open arms, we should welcome them and take them under our wings! They will at least have to learn how it works, and how to play the game.. before they're going on a crusade to change it. And i'll gladly teach the noobs :)
  25. Yes! Some people already ported over OFP and A2 maps. :) But we need the remaining tools for the rest of the job first, then you'll see some ported continent. ArmA 2: Rearmed would be awesome.