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  1. I have been working on a concept for a while and have hit a point where it goes beyond my knowledge and time avalible. This concept is a new game mode which puts control of how the game is played almost completely in the hands of the players. To summarize this game mode, the defending team will choose anywhere they want on the map to defend. Once decided, they can teleport there and choose where the objective (a laptop) and their respawn point is place. The only restriction is the respawn point cannot be placed any closer than 200m. After this, the attacking team can travel to the AO and set up an FOB via the squad leader deploying camp. Again the same 200m restrictions apply. This pretty much sums it up. Every time this game mode is played, it will be a brand new experience, even if played in the same AO/town since the target can be placed anywhere. This will keep it fresh as opposed to game modes with predetermined objective locations. The link below is to an outline I created that has notes of the ideas I have to polish and develop the game mode. https://docs.google.com/document/d/103OhSpBQ1JQLQEQXHd7DUDWGR7ch6zvprB7KYM3PLsg/edit?usp=sharing I have this game mode created and playable, the problem I feel and need help with at this point, is making it user friendly. Also developing and implementing various features such as leveling, unlocks, rolls, and other aspects may be interesting. This has been a mode my friends and I have been enjoying, and I would like to share it with the rest of the ARMA community. If you are interested, contact me. Thanks!
  2. Amazing work... i am especially amazed at how well this map preforms in comparison to what is coming with the game. I have double the fps on this verse stratis and altis. Keep it up! *update* - I maxed all of my settings to ultra and am getting solid performance... in altis or stratis i generally get 30-60 fps on ultra settings and when going in city areas i get 20 so i usually keep most settings "standard" and cut off AA. on yours i have maxed everything and get a solid 70-90. They need to hire you to optimize their maps.
  3. thanks! i will give that a shot.
  4. I am running into an issue that could have this title, so i will post it here. I am running the following script triggered by a present blufor trigger. The problem is, when i am hosting locally, it runs fine, a single ai unit spawns. However, when i run it on my dedicated server, it spawns 2 ai units every time. trigger init nul = [getMarkerPos "spawn1", t1] execVM "spawns.sqf"; spawns.sqf private ["_pos", "_group"]; _pos = _this select 0; _group = createGroup east; onee = _this select 1; //_one = format onee; if (on == "on") then { //"O_Soldier_F" createUnit [_pos, _group, "this setdamage .3"]; unit = _group createunit ["O_Soldier_F", _pos,[],1,""]; unit setdamage .4; }; //turn off trigger. Reset by On.sqf. onee setTriggeractivation ["civ", "present", true]; on.sqf on = "on"; t1 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t2 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t3 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t4 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t5 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t6 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t7 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t8 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t9 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t10 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t11 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t12 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t13 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t14 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; t15 setTriggeractivation ["west", "present", true]; Off.sqf on = "off";
  5. cotton

    Enhanced movement and more

    looking forward to this release... looks like it will help cut the edge off of the movement a little... its better than ARMA 2 but still needs some help.
  6. Thanks, but, I am aware of wave and the defaults... its the triggering the respawn for the dead player part when an objective has been completed i am having trouble with and the combination. So its an either or type thing, if all players die, they will respawn at a "rally point" or if the remaining player complete that objective it will trigger the dead players back into the game. Thanks!
  7. I have searched around and can not find anything about this. I want to make a script to respawn players in a mission when either (1) all players die or (2) the objective is complete, then dead players will respawn. the first one i can figure out, however the second one along with the combination of the two, i don't know where to start. For an example of this, refer to insurgency "firefight" game mode Thanks!
  8. I would like to know this as well. It would be great to have a look at the mission files for "defend kamino" however, I cant extract the pbo
  9. the beauty of this game, is that you can configure your missions how you like... i am sure a mod can turn off the fatigue systems if you wish. by default it should be on however.
  10. cotton

    bad vehicle type after patch

    made a feedback report for this http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=8677 also made one because i found that the "sites" module wasn't working in my missions either. it doesnt give an error but, no enemy spawn now. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=8678
  11. cotton

    bad vehicle type after patch

    i think the modules are broken. i opened one of my missions and found that any of my skirmish modules were gone but any synchronization lines were just floating. i deleted them and the mission worked with one error. However, when we were playing through, there were no enemies at the "site" locations, only enemies i manually put in the mission.
  12. cotton

    Enhanced movement and more

    it would be awesome to see an assist system (as in, another soldier can give you a boost and help pull you over.) this would especially help when loaded with a lot of gear. furthermore, details such as passing your firearm to your teammate before climbing would be excellent.
  13. it may be a brag post on that extent; oh well... to focus on that and not the issue at hand is irresponsible. i see it a lot in this community along with well, almost every community. viciousness of people is out of hand. treating each other with respect seems to be a thing of the past many times. Anyways, yes its an alpha, well aware. Historically, arma has been poorly optimized and i hope it isn't the same way by beta; create a strong foundation/engine that is well optimized, and build up from there. BI is a great developer though, so I hope the keep in the direction they are going and I encourage them to focus on stability and optimization. the game can be beautiful and have all the features in the world, but if we only get an average of 30-40 fps along with dips in performance, that will kill the experience. that said, a3 is overall smoother than a2 or a1 was... so there is hope
  14. weird responses to this thread... I am not running a rig as beefy as this but with everything on mid - low - high it doesnt matter... i am getting 30-50 fps on average... i would like to see the settings he is running the game at. I did figure out one trick to get a slightly better fps (gained around 10fps and usually dont drop below 30) i set everything in game to standard or mid level (AA disabled), then i turned everything up in nvidia's control panel, the game looks as good as it does on highest settings and is more stable. however, we shouldnt have to do anything like this as it indicates poor optimization. I really hope to see it run smoother. to those who are jealous or simply viewing this as a boast post; is the game running smooth and solid for you at any settings? are you staying around or above 60fps? if so please post your settings and configuration. I hope to see every feature under the sun in arma3 however, i really hope stability and optimization comes first. my rigg: evga gtx 580 3gb i7 950 24gb ram ddr3
  15. cotton

    Left handed option?

    ambidextrous shooting would be great, left shoulder it when going around a left corner.