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  1. Hi all, enjoying toh, but I am using a 3 projector curved screen setup, the screen itself is 6 meters wide by 2 meters high and the settings in video option in TOH for triple head is set.. The problem is my eye point is too far forward inside the cockpit such that I can only just see the top of the instrument panel.. Is there no way to move back the the eye position , in other words zoom out and and angle down to the footwell more? I tried mouse look which helps but a better solution would br if I could alter a config file if one exists so a new default is created.. Any ideas?
  2. Hi as the title states, I was wondering if ther is a record of benchmark results for TOH, Im running some tests as I have a sandybridge and Ivybridge setup.. My setup.. I7 2700K over clocked to 4.6 ghz Asus maximus Extreme Z Corsair vengance 8gb SSD corsaire force 3 120gb Nvidia GTX 590 I set TOH video settings to that in the screenshot in RiE's Set Up Spoiler: from this post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?126178-Take-On-Video-Settings! But with 1920x1080 res.. My results running the seatle benchmark.. Set as per forum Min 35 Avg 52 Max 62 Sliders set to max Sliders to max min 9 avg 13 max 26 Im now goimg to set up my ivybridge system and try them again
  3. Hi All.. I have noticed while running the benchmark that all the trees have a strange grey halo artifacts in them which is quite distracting.. Messing with the video settings I found the only way to get rid of them was to turn antialising off completely, post process effects is also disabled and shodow detail normal. Im using a Nvidia GTX 590 graphics card. Anyone know what might be causing this so I can turn antialising on again.. Incase it matters Im running a 4ghz I7, and ssd harddrives with 16g of ram.
  4. As in the title, how do I find out how many Frames per second the game is running at?
  5. Your a star, Downloading files now..I will try it this evening
  6. Im using that driver running the nvidia gtx590 card and nvidia 3dvision glasses..I fly TOH in 3d vision surround using 3 projectors 3840 x 720 res.. On the whole its a really cool effect but even with shadow detail turned off (nvidia recommendation) I still get a grey halo appearing around the closest trees..
  7. Hello all I was watching some user videos featuring TOH and came across this video the scenery looks amazing but how do I go about adding this to TOH?Im very new to editing games so if there is a good clear explanation on how to get the chenarus scenery I would appreciate it..