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  1. Scorlhov

    TAB lock issue ...

    But.....how do you know if the non friendly is ..civil(people, car, truck,...) or an ennemy :)
  2. Scorlhov

    Eagle dynamics will release the UH-1H Huey

    It is, and it's a simulator too. I make no mistake :)
  3. Scorlhov

    Helicopter landing

    250 Km/h :Oo:
  4. Scorlhov

    Eagle dynamics will release the UH-1H Huey

    "Mast bumping is modeled and can include both a "soft" impact against the mast or actual rotor separation" It's a sim, not a game :) Trees issue will be fixed with EDGE, for sure.
  5. Scorlhov

    Thanks for the Patch guys

    I second that. Now it's time to finish the hind :) Many thanks.
  6. Scorlhov

    Arma 3 & TOH

    No. It works like normal stick, but MSFF2 is perfect for TOH :)
  7. Scorlhov

    DCS: Combined Arms

    Brilliant, I was expecting something like that since so many years For a flight simmer, it's the holy graal, and online battles will be epic I had big hopes with TOH hind, but was disappoint with the arcadish hind's modelisation Can't wait to try this module
  8. Cool, I will give it a try this week end. Thx [EVO] Dan
  9. Thx [EVO] Dan, It's exactly the type of mission that i would like to do with Hind, but unfortunately, I am an SP player(for the moment). Any chance to have this mission for sp, hind pilot ? Thanks.
  10. HI JohnJJr, In your nvidia CP, try anisotropic filtering, antialiasing mode, and vert sync to application controlled.
  11. Scorlhov

    Take On: Hinds!

    Wow, looking at the video of this 17y/old Hind's game, make me thinks how poor is the actual toh-Hind Please BIS, can you give some more love at the Hind (cockpit, avionic, navigation/targeting system)
  12. and no solid water, please.
  13. Thx hon0, but it doesnt work. I do some more test and in fact, it depend of the map. With the Sud Asia map, no "civil voice chat", but with all others maps, we can hear it.