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  1. Aaah I had assumed that they would be unlocked at the start since I was on tech level 4.... Will carry on and see. G
  2. Just found this mod and it is bringing new life into the game, great work. One question though - how do you build the EM Flares ? They don't appear in my Production list (unless I am being completely blind !?!) G
  3. Got to say I hated it, by the time I made it to the carrier I was ready to give up.... Went back to strategy mode instead... G
  4. Gazzareth

    Sense of scanner?

    I take it you mean second slot on the Walrus - keep 3rd slot on the Manta .. .. .. G
  5. I am not sure it does, I turned up at an island to find all of the functional buildings other than the Command Centre shielded - and no turrets, so I guess there is a building period - bit of a pain since the Hangars and Garages launched units, but could not be destroyed !!! G
  6. It seems the enemy carrier plays by different rules, as there is no pause between it failing to take an island and then the next attack... So the pace would certainly need changed. Personally I would like to see another slider on the game start screen, the existing one already controls how strong the enemy carrier is, there could be one for how strong enemy islands are. At the top end I would possibly add turret respawns and more use of missile defences... At the moment I am enjoying the difficulty as is, but once the AI gets fixed I can imagine it would be better with variable difficulty, which would also increase the replayability. G
  7. I would say the Mantas are fine as they are, although I would rather have more fuel for the units - Ammo is fine, but they really should be able to cross the islands a good few times before needing refueling.... G
  8. That is wrong, a single Walrus is just as capable of not managing to navigate switchbacks, driving into walls (repeatedly), off cliffs and into lava - I gave up using the "Assist" function and have still seen all the problems in 1.2 ... The DEVs have even acknowledged it as a problem..... G
  9. Didn't realise that they worked outside Telemetry range, that makes them more useful. Guess that they need a little more handholding than I expected......... G
  10. It definately needs more splash damage, but a Command Centre that is being built is protected by a shield so you cannot destroy it by any means..... G
  11. ..... also the scout either needs to be more elusive to enemy AA, since they get killed very easily. You are better off scouting in a Manta... G
  12. There seems to be a real problem with your units responding (or rather not responding) to enemy attack, this seems to occur with ALL units, including the carrier. A few times I have seen enemy Manta's fly over the carrier without the FLAK turrets responding at all, Walruses sit there and let any unit take pot shots at them, ditto the Mantas -this didn't seem to be a problem in the BETA (1 & 2 anyway) - but really is now. Although surprisingly the FLAK Walrus does seem to do it's job!! Just the rest of them.... G
  13. Fantastic, thanks for the info.... G
  14. No it is a one shot. Hopefully they will change that or allow more than one .. .. G