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  1. Ok cheers dude. Thank you.
  2. Hey guys, I have created a base using the objectgrabber method. Question is, how would I attach a script to these spawned helos/units/objects? For instance, I want to attach a re-spawn script to the helicopters spawned in at the mission start. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  3. like this in vehicle init 0 = [this,5] execVM "vehicle_respawn.sqf"
  4. Hey man, nice work, would you know how to add your own picture to code instead of the default one? Maybe if to find (a3\structures_f_epc\Items\Documents\Data\document_secret_01_co.paa") and add custom made pictures to that folder? Got it already
  5. Best way to save performance, I found, is to use scripts that spawn and de-spawn AI accordingly. DAC is a very good script and EOS is pretty good too. These scripts can spawn in AI when you get a certain distance from a trigger or marker used to create groups of AI and de-spawn them when you are finished an objective or move away from the marker or trigger. Check them out here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25550 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20262
  6. So I looked at BIS_fnc_ObjectMapper and seen the parameters. So I am wondering is this what I have to do? _arrayOfObjects = [_this select 2] call BIS_fnc_objectMapper; { if (typeOf _x isEqualTo "Classname") then {["AmmoboxInit",_x] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}; } forEach _arrayOfObjects; I checked the Function and this is what it says regarding parameters, sorry if I am getting this all wrong, as I said I am dumb when it comes to understanding scripting. File: objectMapper.sqf Description: Takes an array of data about a dynamic object template and creates the objects. Parameter(s): _this select 0: position of the template - Array [X, Y, Z] _this select 1: azimuth of the template in degrees - Number _this select 2: objects for the template - Array / composition class - String / tag list - Array _this select 3: (optional) randomizer value (how much chance each object has of being created. 0.0 is 100% chance) - Number Returns: Created objects (Array) Yup this was wrong too, but found this code, credit to Swiss Maverick for this one. All that has to be done is add this code to your init.sqf and it works great. { _x allowDamage false; _x addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>BIS Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}]; } forEach nearestObjects [getpos player,["B_supplyCrate_F"],15000]; Thanks for your input and help dude.
  7. Hey all, is it possible to add the arsenal code to an ammobox that I have spawned in dynamically using the objectgrabber.sqf method? Thanks in advance for any help and input given.
  8. Ok thanks again I'll give it a go.
  9. Ok got ya thanks for the help, appreciate it. ---------- Post added at 00:00 ---------- Previous post was at 23:58 ---------- So I would put the class name of the ammo box where it says blah in that code you posted?
  10. Yep that's what I am looking for. Where would I put that code you posted? Sorry scripting is not my strong point and thanks a lot for your quick response.
  11. Hey guys, is it possible to add the arsenal script to a spawning ammo box? I have created a dynamic custom camp which spawns in at the start of the mission via game logic and I would like to have the arsenal script run on these boxes, thanks for any help in advance.
  12. Has anybody tried to use DAC yet with the Alpha? I have made a config for Opfor and whilst waypoints generate like they should, the units do not spawn in for some reason. Look at this config, I am sure its done correctly but I might have missed something.
  13. Hey guys, was wondering how you would go about removing an addAction command for East players. For instance disabling the 'apply loadout' from LEA for East players? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Cheers again, basically when a player using LEA scrolls his mouse he has the option to 'Apply loadout' as well as all the usual changing to binoculars and weapon and such. I am running insurgency with LEA allowed on the server. So I want the 'apply loadout' option to be unavailable to opfor players. Thanks for your help anyway man, appreciate it much.
  15. Cheers for the response, but where would i implement that code?
  16. Hey guys is there a way to make 'apply loadout' only available to blufor units? I have insurgency on my server and don't want apply loadout available to Opfor units for obvious reasons. Cheers!
  17. OK cheers mate, thanks for the quick response.
  18. Hey guys, was just wondering. I run a server which plays insurgency 1.50 ACE version. I have LEA as an allowed mod on the server for when we play closed to public missions. The question is, does anyone know of a script or something that would make the use of LEA only available to BLUFOR units? A long shot I know but would love it if it was possible. Cheers!
  19. Hey guys, I was just wondering, I am running insurgency on my server and I want only BlUFOR side to be able to use LEA. Is it possible to do this, only blufor to apply loadout? EDIT: sorry wrong place for this question!
  20. Hey people. I am just posting this on the off chance that somebody might have what I am looking for. I am looking for an Insurgency 1.50 map that has any heli lifting script in it. I have tried to incorporate a few such scripts into Insurgency but with no luck at all. Error after error has made me lose the will to live lol. So here I am begging, hoping that somebody has such a mission that I could download, or have scripts I could add with a little guidance as to how to add them. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  21. I haven't done anything in defines.sqf because well, it's way over my head lol. I did try to add the amor to the arrays you suggest but nothing happens, so now I'm guessing this is becuase of defines.sqf not having said vehicles not added to it, right? Here is the defines.sqf part, I think you are talking about, am I right? //class definitions #define westVehicleClasses ["hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1","MMT_Civ","M1030_US_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M2","HMMWV_MK19","HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1","Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1","M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","CH_47F_EP1","UH1Y","MH6J_EP1","BAF_Merlin_HC3_D","AW159_Lynx_BAF","MV22","UH60M_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC","SUV_PMC_BAF","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC"] #define limitedSquadGear [["M136","Javelin"],["BAF_L7A2_GPMG","BAF_L110A1_Aim","m240_scoped_EP1","M249_EP1","M249_TWS_EP1","M249_m145_EP1"],["M24_des_EP1","BAF_LRR_scoped"]] #define limitedGearList ["M136","Javelin","BAF_L7A2_GPMG","BAF_L110A1_Aim","BAF_LRR_scoped","m240_scoped_EP1","M249_EP1","M249_TWS_EP1","M249_m145_EP1","M24_des_EP1"] #define westSoldierClasses ["US_Soldier_TL_EP1","US_Soldier_Medic_EP1","US_Soldier_LAT_EP1","US_Soldier_EP1","US_Soldier_GL_EP1","BAF_Soldier_TL_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_Medic_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_AT_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_GL_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_MG_DDPM","US_Delta_Force_TL_EP1","US_Delta_Force_Medic_EP1","US_Delta_Force_MG_EP1","US_Delta_Force_EP1","US_Delta_Force_Night_EP1","USMC_Soldier_TL","USMC_Soldier_Medic","USMC_Soldier_LAT","USMC_Soldier_AR","USMC_Soldier_GL","GER_Soldier_TL_EP1","GER_Soldier_Medic_EP1","GER_Soldier_Scout_EP1","GER_Soldier_EP1","GER_Soldier_MG_EP1","FR_TL","FR_Corpsman","FR_AR","FR_Assault_R","FR_Assault_GL"] //unit definitions #define ATVTYPE (\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 1)then{"ATV_US_EP1"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 2)then{"HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 3)then{"LandRover_CZ_EP1"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 4)then{"Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 5)then{"M1030_US_DES_EP1"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 6)then{"BAF_Offroad_D"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 7)then{"MMT_Civ"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 8)then{"SUV_PMC"}else{\ if(INS_ATVType1 == 10)then{"hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1"}else{\ "SUV_PMC_BAF"}}}}}}}}}) The script is working fully, as in I can lift humvees, suvs, and all other car types with no worries. It is just the amor I am having issues with. Thank you for help on this thus far.
  22. Thanks for your response, I do not want to add any other type of lift helicopter, I am using the Chinook and the Blackhawk. I want these helicopters to lift Armored vehicles also, something they will not do. I Was wondering where I would add the the Armored vehicle classes in the script above to make the vehicles lift-able. The helicopters will lift all other types of vehicles except the armor classes. I have copied over all the relevant files and folders correctly I believe. Yes I have added these scripts to my Insurgency mission. So it was basically a copy and paste over from the other insurgency. I have added Blufor armor to my base which I would like to lift around the map, but the script doesn't seem to allow me to do this.
  23. Hey guys I am trying to get a script to run on a re-spawning vehicle, to keep the vehicle only accessible to certain players using the play GUID. I am using the Tophe simple vehicle re-spawn script for re-spawning the vehicle. The script I am using to lock the vehicle is this. _vehicle = _this select 0; // i added this line. _vehicle addEventHandler ["GetIn", { private ["_veh", "_pos", "_unit", "_namesArray"]; _veh = _this select 0; _pos = _this select 1; _unit = _this select 2; _namesArray = ["76561198015510613"]; if !(name _unit in _namesArray) then { _unit action ["Eject", vehicle _unit]; }; }]; This vehiclelock.sqf works great, but how do I get it to execute again when the vehicle is destroyed and re-spawns again? Here is the lines I have in the vehicles Init box. veh = [this] execVM "vehicle.sqf"; _null = [this] execVM "vehiclelock.sqf"; this addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn",{_null = [_this select 0] execVM "vehiclelock.sqf";}];
  24. Well, I gave up on that idea, but, I came across a handy script on another insurgency server which allows vehicle lifting. Somehow the Helis will only lift vehicles like Hummers, SUVs and the like. I cannot get the helis to lift heavy amor vehicles. The SQF that allows what vehicles to be lifted is this. I have tried to add the armor classnames in various places but alas, no lift allowed. INS_COMMON_PATH = "common\Lift\"; HTextRed = {"<t color='#f0ff0000'>" + _this + "</t>"}; HTextBlue = {"<t color='#f00000ff'>" + _this + "</t>"}; _vehicles_lift_list = []; _vehicles_nolift_list = []; // unfortunately, all kinds of "wheeled_apc" are of type "cars" as well _advtype_lift1 = ["ATV_US_EP1","MMT_Civ","M1030_US_DES_EP1"]; _advtype_lift2 = ["ATV_US_EP1","MMT_Civ","hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1","M1030_US_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M2","HMMWV_MK19","HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1","Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1","M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC","SUV_PMC_BAF","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC"]; _advtype_lift3 = ["M1130_CV_EP1","ATV_US_EP1","MMT_Civ","hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1","M1030_US_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M2","HMMWV_MK19","HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1","Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1","M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC","SUV_PMC_BAF","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC"]; _advtype_lift4 = ["M1130_CV_EP1","hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1","HMMWV_M2","HMMWV_MK19","HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1","Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1","M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC","SUV_PMC_BAF","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC"]; _advtype_lift5 = ["ATV_US_EP1","MMT_Civ","hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1","M1030_US_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M2","HMMWV_MK19","HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1","Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1","M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC","SUV_PMC_BAF","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC"]; _advtype_lift6 = []; _advtype_lift7 = ["ATV_US_EP1","MMT_Civ","hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1","M1030_US_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M2","HMMWV_MK19","HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1","Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1","M1126_ICV_M2_EP1","HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC","SUV_PMC_BAF","HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1","BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D","BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D","LandRover_CZ_EP1","LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1","BAF_Offroad_D","ArmoredSUV_PMC","SUV_PMC"]; if(INS_AdvanceType == 1)then{_vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift1; _vehicles_nolift_list = ["M1130_CV_EP1"];} else { if(INS_AdvanceType == 2)then{_vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift2; _vehicles_nolift_list = ["M1130_CV_EP1"];} else { if(INS_AdvanceType == 3)then{_vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift3;} else { if(INS_AdvanceType == 4)then{_vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift4;} else { if(INS_AdvanceType == 5)then{_vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift5; _vehicles_nolift_list = ["M1130_CV_EP1"];} else { if(INS_AdvanceType == 6)then{_vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift6; _vehicles_nolift_list = ["M1130_CV_EP1"];} else { _vehicles_lift_list = _advtype_lift7; _vehicles_nolift_list = ["M1130_CV_EP1"]; }}}}}}; if ( not local player) exitWith {}; _vehicle = _this select 0; Vehicle_Attached = false; Vehicle_Released = false; _menu_lift_shown = false; vehicle_attached_list = []; _nearest = objNull; _id = -1; sleep 0.1; WaitUntil{(alive _vehicle) && (alive player) && (driver _vehicle == player)}; while {(alive _vehicle) && (alive player) && (driver _vehicle == player)} do { if ((driver _vehicle) == player) then { _pos = getPos _vehicle; if (!Vehicle_Attached && (_pos select 2 > 2.5) && (_pos select 2 < 8)) then { _nearest = nearestObjects [_vehicle,["LandVehicle"],50]; _nearest = if(count _nearest > 0) then {_nearest select 0} else {ObjNull}; sleep 0.1; if (!(isNull _nearest) && {_nearest isKindOf _x} count _vehicles_lift_list > 0 && {_nearest isKindOf _x} count _vehicles_nolift_list == 0) then { _nearest_pos = getPos _nearest; _nx = _nearest_pos select 0;_ny = _nearest_pos select 1;_px = _pos select 0;_py = _pos select 1; if ((_px <= _nx + 6 && _px >= _nx - 6) && (_py <= _ny + 6 && _py >= _ny - 6)) then { if (!_menu_lift_shown) then { _id = _vehicle addAction ["Lift Vehicle" call HTextRed, (INS_COMMON_PATH+"heli_action.sqf")]; _menu_lift_shown = true; }; } else { _nearest = objNull; if (_menu_lift_shown) then { _vehicle removeAction _id; _menu_lift_shown = false; }; }; }; } else { if (_menu_lift_shown) then { _vehicle removeAction _id; _menu_lift_shown = false; }; sleep 0.1; if (isNull _nearest) then { Vehicle_Attached = false; Vehicle_Released = false; } else { if (Vehicle_Attached) then { _release_id = _vehicle addAction ["Drop Vehicle" call HTextBlue, (INS_COMMON_PATH+"heli_release.sqf")]; vehicle_attached_list = vehicle_attached_list + [_nearest]; _nearest attachTo [_vehicle,[-1,0,-8]]; _nearest engineOn false; while {!Vehicle_Released && alive _vehicle && alive _nearest && alive player && (driver _vehicle == player)} do {sleep 1}; detach _nearest; Vehicle_Attached = false; Vehicle_Released = false; vehicle_attached_list = vehicle_attached_list - [_nearest]; if (!alive _vehicle) then { _vehicle removeAction _release_id; } else { }; waitUntil {(getPos _nearest) select 2 < 10}; _npos = getPos _nearest; _nearest setPos [_npos select 0, _npos select 1, 0]; sleep 1.012; }; }; }; }; sleep 0.51; }; if (!(alive _vehicle) || !(alive player)) then { _vehicle removeAction vec_id; }; if (true) exitWith {};
  25. Cheers, will do, I'll let you know if I get it working and post how it works to help others.