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  1. I am and have been for 3 x weeks getting a Status Access Violation crash. I have tried to reinstall, verify cache and delete all non steam scenarios. I am not starting it with any mods. I haven't gotten any help via forums or by contacting BI directly, so I'm going commando to resolve this issue. It may lay with my computer, or the game and it's installation, I don't know and no longer care. I will give you access to my computer and you will fix it remotely as we discuss via Skype or telephone. Be a hero today and help me fix this problem. GTX 970 i7 2600 8 gb RAM Windows 10 Home version I'll get you whatever else you need or you can look for yourself. I am easy to work with and will follow your instructions. You should be very familiar with both Arma III and computers. Thanks to anyone willing to help, I will pay via Paypal once it loads and works.
  2. DELETED (previous crash report)TO SAVE PAGE SPACE GTX 970 i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz 8.00 GB RAM (7.95 usable) Windows 10 Home I saved the crash report, but am unsure how to get it into this message starting with no mods, even CBA deleted arma from steam and reinstalled Need help please .... I will pay pal someone $25.00 US to help me fix this issue if you are really familiar with this game and computers. Thanks all -
  3. gotmikl1

    Crashing constantly

    How do I get the error logs into a reply on this forum (or is there a place I can maybe e-mail them?). I wanted to get the saved report into this topic/post, but was unsure how to do it. I will include specs with the response; also, how do I verify the game cache? I did reinstalled the game to no avail. I can't get into the game long enough to unsubscribe from my steam workshop library, so any thoughts on that will also be greatly appreciated. I posted the long list of data out of ignorance, not maliciously, just FYI. Your help is greatly appreciated, as I haven't been able to play for some time of late. Thanks Brothers -
  4. gotmikl1

    xbox controller scaling wrong (still)

    BI has been unsupportive of controller users since the alpha. Xpadder is your best bet at 9.99, but pinnacle is good too. Go to controllers and select controllers with scheme and then assign your commands on both the xpadder as well as the configure tab in the game. Be patient as it's hard to get it right...trial and error is the only way and it sucks. Good luck!
  5. same problem - it's a really large file to paste ... using windows 10 ... is there an e-mail or something where you want me to send the event logs, reports and dumps, etc.? Thanks -
  6. Thank you very much, I've been wondering that for a long time.
  7. If you want to tell me how to order supressive fire too, that would be great.
  8. gotmikl1

    Fatigue effects

    What happens in real life is what should happen in the game. The more gear, the more weight, the less distance you can go and at lower speeds. One doesn't get blurry vision, you simply are forcibly reduced to a quick walk and then if you don't slow down from there you will be forced to stop altogether to catch your breath. It's highly reproducible; put on pants and a button down shirt, a backpack full of heavy items, grab a shovel out of the garage as your rifle and start running at top speed for as far as you can. First you will slow to a jog, then a walk and finally, if you keep going as fast as you have in the tank, you will have to stop and catch your breath. Your body will not allow you to run so fast and so far that get blurred vision or start wheezing like you have asthma. Still, other than the blurry vision and the wheezing I think the distance and pace is fair and it does reflect how much gear you have on. Just drop the wheezing and blurry and keep the heavy breathing.
  9. gotmikl1

    Controller/Joystick mapping

    There is NO way to do that. If fact, none of the controller schemes function any differently than any of the others (even post update .58). You can, however achieve full functionality by taking many hours out of your life and assigning each key to your controller by customizing. You CANNOT assign your right trigger to fire with an XBOX 360 controller... is this coincidental or the K&M gods summoning one last gasp of power before they inevitably expire. Please PM if you need help with this. In fact, by the time the pre-sets work, everyone will probably have customized their controller and used Xpadder to configure their controllers so they can get on with playing the game. Xpadder too, is a pain to get it right, but in the end works. PM me for down and dirty Xpadder assistance for setting up infantry controls. Sorry, but those are the facts as of 5-28-13
  10. gotmikl1

    Arma Game Play Style Changing?

    Your post really caught my attention. I have been making a strong push for the use of controllers as stand alone playable on the basis that it would port over NO COD fans and only the best BF3 fans who were looking for a more realistic environment to play in. DAYZ? ... Maybe, but that was free and was itself a wasteland type setting (I never played it admittedly, I'm a tactics guy). I'm seeing great missions on Armaholic for SP and Coop, tons of effort and all kinds of mods. As it relates to most controller players, we have big screen tv's and play in the dark until the wee hours. I have some seen Domination or BTB (Big team battle) style play, but they are indeed more complex, take longer to develop (well) and some may not to have to rewrtie large , incompatible mission, just to have to re-write them (Scott Galkin_Error). I did read in the new release they were only allowing one save, so people would take their life seriously. â€some (few) players try to run and gun, there is no instant ammo on the battlefield, and you will likely get zapped very early on when they can't see the people running around and playing tag with guns. I respect your concern, but we as a community, regardless of how you input commands, will collectively drive those players in to line or they will quit when they see it is a military simulation game, which is taken seriously and many people see it a labor of love not just some game. Besides, it the only left of this caliber and all the other (lessor) titles will be released right at the same time. As they say, it's not for everyone. My tactics and strategy are very good, and controllers will not bring along historically poor game play. Keep the faith it will be the best title yet by the best players, even if it is a mish mash of old ways and new ways of inputting commands. Fresh blood of the energetic good ones may bring on some of the most creative gameplay to date to date ... it usually does.
  11. gotmikl1

    Xbox controller

    Would you stop replying please? Seriously, I'm try to read the helpful posts and I keep having to trip over yours. You are flame baiting, digressing and generally getting in the way. Why would you click on a post regarding setting up a controller to talk about K&M? It's happening, it's done. It's porting no one from COD because they are 10-12 years old and can't afford a gaming computer.
  12. I think I understand what you are really asking. In addition to the fine settings tutorial below, What you need to do is go to: Open the game/main menu Options Controls Review each menu from the drop down (Common, View, Weapons, Infantry Movement Etc.). This will identify which button on the keyboard or mouse do what. You can also play with a controller, if you prefer. Simply go into the given command and physically depress the button on the controller that you want to function as the given action (for instance: Drop down, infantry movement, find crouch (there is also a toggle crouch, which may be preferred as it does two things with one button), then double click on it and press B (or whatever you like) on the controller and click OK (lower left). B will now toggle your crouch. You will have to do this with everything you hope to do with the controller and then use the keyboard for the rest (obviously, it behooves you to put the most common items on the controller). As of today, despite the .58 release, the pre-sets as not functional. Therefore, you will have to either accept the limited functionality of the current preset, or disable the controller with scheme and choose (when it move to the upper portion of the screen) Customizable Controller and follow the above instructions. Unfortunately, the right trigger will not bind to any command, despite working just fine in the preset. I highly recommend getting a mini keyboard and mouse combo (e-bay, Amazon whatever) if you do go with the controller. $40 or less and it MUST be BACKLIT (the keys). FYI, some people fear deeply that using controllers will have BIS chasing the dollars, going console, and dumbing down the game. It's not happening as the market is flooded with "play tag with guns" games for kids and they would lose their very special place in this niche growing wildly market. You also can't MOD (the heart of the game) on console, and like you, I bought a gaming computer specifically to play this game. Other quick points: Bluefor (your team AKA the good guys) are surrounded by a white hexagon. I'm sure the Red outline the bad guys, Although I haven't played on recruit since ARMA2. When view the map, known/previously sight bad guys are red, good guys in blue, unknowns in yellow. Save your game once you have your loadout, so you don't have to go through the initial gear selection every time you die. It took me almost as money and time to shoot the real things in real life, but they are both worth it. Enjoy and welcome!