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    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    So it's only partially functioning? I've combined the CLU and tube and try targeting a vehicle. The lock-on reticule tightens around the target and then stops (but no sound). So what you're saying is: 1. You can't use the Javelin in standard view (must use thermal) 2. You must zoom in further with numpad to obtain lock and 3. You must shoot in top-down (Even though pressing tab changes it to direct-mode)? Well, so long as it works in this mode, I can compromise. Thanks.
  2. Popcorn_Colonel

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Hey guys, Has anyone else been having issues with the Javelin launcher? When I lock onto a target and fire, the missile simply vanishes from my perspective. Watching another player in the server, the missile takes off at the upward angle the launcher rests when firing and disappears (regardless of Dir/Above fire mode). Also, excuse my lack of knowledge on AT weapons, but is the NLAW supposed to be so weak? As in, sometimes taking 2-3 hits to destroy a T-34? It seems there is certainly a substantial difference in performance between Warfare BE and then with ACE on. Thanks.