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  1. porcelain

    Making a Music Addon

    Here's the config.cpp i included in the pbo along with .ogg files. It didn't work and i'm not exactly sure why
  2. porcelain

    Making a Music Addon

    I just want to add music not necessarily replace it
  3. Can someone please give me a step by step guide to creating a music addon? I am very new to addonmaking and the last time i tried it didn't quite work.
  4. I wish to change the introduction sequence (you know, where there's the burnt out m113 and jeeps with a russian patrol on desert isle, in vanilla ofp). Currently i just want to change it because the intro in the mod i'm using is a bit boring (it's just a bunch of guys standing around with nothing going on). What file is this introduction stored in? how do i replace it with my own mission.sqm and most importantly how do i do this while changing as few things as possible?
  5. I am in the predicament where i have a mac running wineskin to be able to play ofp. The only downside of this is that extensions like "-mod=hisky" aren't recoignised and i can only use modpacks that come with their own .exe s such as ffur or wgl. This also means that i cannot find a sky pac such as hisky that doesn't need an extension. Are there any sky packs out there, such as ones that came with large modpacks, that utilise pbo files rather than needing extensions, or is there really any way to get a sky pack installed without an extension?
  6. thanks, coincidentally i am using it with your excellent napoleonic mod (not exactly fitting in with the aesthetic, may see if i can convert it to a nice leather bound book or something)
  7. Has there ever been a straightforward way to command more than 12 men, such as having each man on the command bar (where 12 individual soldiers are represented) represent an entire squad of men? If so it would be brilliant if you could give orders, for example "2, go to house 12 o'clock" and have an entire squad under the command of 2 go to the house, rather than just 2 himself.
  8. thanks heaps. this will save me a lot of time
  9. I use a lot of mods (as such the BI Weapons classnames lists are useless to me), and I was wondering if there was a quicker way of finding out weapon classnames than unPBOing the unit's files and looking in there, such as something you can put in the unit's init. bar that shows you their weapon's classname in preview or something.
  10. porcelain

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

    What are the other projects you mention? Are any released? I did love the WW1 mod and Napoleon mod
  11. porcelain

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

    Is it possible to release just the addons that are currently complete? great screenshots by the way, some quite remind me of rome total war, especially the ballistas and such. I may seem impatient but this mod has been in the works for quite a while