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  1. I said Maybe, reason for this is... arma2 was amazing, I spent well over a 1000 hours playing in teams and on random sites. Arma3, I haven't even played more than a 100 hours, the reason for this is framerate it gets so bad 9fps sometimes it's all full just trying to line up a shot when some guy is running in front of you and your gun moving in big block moves . I think that the way forward for this game to be bigger than battlefield is to improve the multiplayer system, joining friends groups and armies,I have a great way of actually playing the the full map but with pos 1200 players bohemia you need to maybe invest in a server that is dedicated to your game this would help you very much.
  2. HI all I have been playing arma for many years. Just recently the new update 1.60 has re organised my arma folder. I had bought all the extra add-on games Arma2 OA OR and more. the problem i have is that most players on line is using the light versions of these add-on games and I used to run the light versions .But now my game is running all the full game versions and my light versions of the game has disappeared .now I can’t play on line I feel cheated that I have bought the full versions of these games and I can’t play. Please can someone help me? Thanks. flycf