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  1. Hi, dont know is it me? I cannot open inventory menue with light helicopters (MH-9 and AH-9) after latest patch (Adapt). Pretty sure that I could do this before. Before tha patch you could see Parachute Backpacks in cargo of those helicopters. With other choppers there are no ptoblems.Beside this I cannot access items while sitting as 'Cargo' in any vehicle. Has this functionality been discarged? Any advice appreciated.
  2. Polymorph

    MP Combat Rescue

    Hi, just to make it all clear: the mission is made for ARMA II Combined Operations (it means ARMA II and at least Operation Arrowhead) and for ToH Rearmed (which i supposed is using ARMA II Combined Ops.) So the Takistan map is mandatory to play this one. It wont be running with ARMA 2 free (no Takistan there I think). Sorry for the inconveniences.
  3. Hi if you are talking about the mission Sumrakent Topgun - so I think I owe you an answer because I made that stuff. Well this is basically a Multiplayer mission for guys who want to fly around in a light helicopter and shoot each other down. It is possible to play this mission in singleplayer (or MP alone) but there is no point to do this - as I said because of the PvP emphasis of the mission. I think I wrote somewhere in readme or in the thread with the mission that you can play it with AI activated, but its not recomended. Well basically you are supposed to get in your chopper, fly around and shoot the other guys up (AIs or human never mind). The behaviour of the AI in your case is really weird and all what I can tell is that I never experienced this while testing (but sorry its almost a year ago). Ah and yes the restricted area is a place where a marker is stored which is managing the repair points at FARPs - and because approaching this marker there would turn the whole repair action into a crap I built a restricted area around it. In real life you would not be shoot down immediately when you enter a restricted area, but what a hell - its a game. Hope I helped you a bit and sorry if you found my mission frustrating. I dont know, but maybe it would be better to dicuss the mission directly in the mission thread?
  4. Good day fellow pilots, there is another MP mission in two versions: for ToH Rearmed and for ARMA IICO. A combat rescue action playable as pilot, gunner, forward air controller (ground) or ULB operator. Made for up to 9 guys (4 helicopters), but playable even for a single player. Remember it is for MP so the AI would not act automatically if not commanded directly and even if commanded then it would not act very smart. The strength of the OPFOR changes every time you play the mission and depends even on what helicopters are you using. Nothing major, just wanted to test some stuff out how it works in MP. To get the guys aboard just bring your chopper in close and you will get an 'troops on' action in choppers action menue. The close you land the better the chances they will board your chopper alive. The idea was to rescue living guys and bring the KIA back home. With those KIA pilots I got stuck a bit - it seems somtime I am not able to get the dead guys deleted, especially if they are longer 'ingame'. If there is someone with wisdom - any help would be appreciated. The mission tested mainly on ARMA II dedicated server and as hosted MP. Issues: ULB not funcional in Toh and on ARMA II dedicated server (in hosted MP it works nice) The dead guys sometimes would not disappear after the landing at the base, but mission can be finished anyway. I attached the 'raw' format of the missions so anybody can play with it in the editor. Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/62128874/CSAR_20130316.zip Have fun.
  5. Hi fellow pilots, I have made the respawn helicopters to appear with engines running - to get faster in the air after respawn. The new version of the mission see below. I left the old version in the 1st post so far as I am really not sure what is better - to start the engines manually after respawn or have them running. Now you can choose. Well some info texts which is to see during the mission was set to global so every player can se those now. No other changes between v1.05 and 1.06. Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/62128874/3hubisV1_06TOH.South_Asia_H.rar Have a blast.
  6. Thank you for feedback. You are right those ground kills by respawn are annoying. I think to respawn the chopper with running engine will do the job better then a bullet proof chopper on the ground. I remember there was a command _somethinhgsomething engineOn true in arma2. I have tested it in ToH now and it seems to work. I am just testing it in the mission - it seems to work when playing alone. I think I will post an update at he weekend. Thanks a lot for the idea and download. Many happy landings.
  7. Hi, I have updated the mission (see link in the first post): the scripts are running without error massages now. Finaly I could test the mission with my friend online and in LAN. I think all respawns are working well (person and chopper) with or without AI. Only error you will recieve is at the start wenn no AIs are there because the script try to equip tho nonexistent AI Pilot. My advice: disable -showScriptErrors and be happy. Oh yeas the NDB NAVAID try is not working properly in MP.
  8. thanks I am on it. Most of script errors was due to comments in the scripts - I marked them with //at start and it seems not to work. Your problem with chopper respawn I could not reconstruct yet-have you experienced it with multiple players, on dedi server or while playing alone?
  9. thank you for your reply. It is great you tried it. I will have look at it. Could you describe the situation when the chopper does not respawn? I'v got really one problem with it because the respavn criteria is 'can/cannot move' for the chopper and when the rotor blades are crushed with rest of the chopper intact I am affraid the programm thinks the chopper can move. Than the disabled one will not be deleted and therefore no respawn. If it is this I have to think about how to avoid it. Another point is when you crashland with chopper disabled and you still alive: the new chopper respawns at your last respawn point and you have to get there on your own being chased by enemy infantry).
  10. Hi, there is a MP mission, not tested in MP in ToH - because of crash of ToH server (it worked in Arma2OA). Description (what should work): -PvP style deathmatch with light armed choppers -with or without AI -time limit possible to set up -up to 6 pilots (human or AI -AI not recomended) -random respawn(chopper & pilot) -two service points to rearm/refuel -try to simulate NDB navaid -language localisation ENG,CZ,GER -when human pilot crashlanded and alive an opfor team is spawned in the vicinity to hunt him so the other human guys have to help (set friendly temporarily) after rescue and boarding the new chopper the PvP fight goes on. No go: -score system It is not much a civilian mission but made just to have fun. It would be great to found some guys patient enough to test it in real MP and give a feedback. Just unrar and copy pbo file to MPMISSIONS in ToH folder.Link http://http://dl.dropbox.com/u/62128874/3hubisV1_05TOH.South_Asia_H.rar
  11. Polymorph

    Profile For Hotas Cougar??

    Hi chaps, I am still using the old Cougar. It is not such advanced as Warthog, but still does the job extraordinary well. The great advatage of Cougar is - it works as one Joystick, so you can use it without problems in Arma 1 and even Cold War CrisisI and another BI products. I have mapped it first with the in game maping tools. It works quite well for me, but it is not possible (for me) to mapp buttons on the throttle. The axes (antenna elevation and RNG) at the throttle are no problem. I have pedals at antenna elevation and left/right cyclic at RNG and I am using it as additional trimming (and instead of peddals in ARMA 1). Even whenn flying with saitec combat peddals. Buttons Nr 17 and 18 at the stick are no go as well. After some sensitivity adjustment at the stick (in game) it works satisactory 'out of the box' without programming with T.A.R.G.E.T. With the T.A.R.G.E.T. running there is no problem to mapp all the buttons (throttel as well). Funny suff: as I tried to mapp trimm commands, which are in game per default as R-Ctr+n(at Numpad) I was not able to mapp them in T.A.R.G.E.T. because a have got every time the Look- commands mapped with them together - until I have changed the keybord mapping of the trimm commands to L-ctrl+a,L-ctrl+w,L-ctrl+s,L-ctrl+d (cyclic) and L-ctrl+x, L-ctrl+c(peddals) in the game keybord mapping. Yes and T.A.R.G.E.T.has more comfortable adjustments of curve of the axes which makes the flying in the ToH smoother. I have no idea about the impact on the performance of ToH when running the T.A.R.G.E.T. script. Well at least I do not see differnce subjectively. If someone is interrested in my files - well then. But I am not sure which are the files in question - the xxx.TakeOnHProfile or the files from T.A.R.G.E.T.? Many happy landings.