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  1. I've started messing around with o2 and arma2 modding lately. My task: build a simple target board thingie. My progress: Model with textures. Geo Lod working. The problem: I'm using a script with a handleDamage Eventhandler and that script isn't beeing fired under any circumstances.. No matter what weapon, no matter how many bullets.. I've read myself through every modeling tut i could find but still don't know how to make ?hitzones? Cheers, Zippie
  2. You Sir are my Hero! It's working perfectly! Thank you very much
  3. I was already trying to do it with getVariable. But it wasn't working because i think that when the initTarget script finishes execution the local variables are beeing erased.
  4. First of all, thank you for your quick answers! I was expecting something like that.. Had some serious experience with c ;) Is there any way to sort that problem out without using global variables?
  5. I'm having some strange issues with a simple function. Script call: nul = [TargetSign,ShowSign]execVM "initTarget.sqf" TargetSign and ShowSign are object names. initTarget.sqf _target = _this select 0; _monitor = _this select 1; DamHDL = compile preprocessFile "hello.sqf"; _target addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{_handle = [_target,_monitor]call DamHDL}]; hello.sqf hint format["DAT:%1",_this]; Now the problem: The hint in hello.sqf returns any but i expect it to return [TargetSign,ShowSign]. Btw: The eventhandler is being fired correctly and everything else works! Any ideas why? Cheers, Zippie