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  1. Im running Windows 7 Home Premium. and I have administrator privileges. I have Java 7 update 9, The readme however just says to refer to the licence and the licence refers me to their website.
  2. Hi, I can't even start LEA, because when it starts up it says: " An error occured. file classlist C:/ProgramFiles/Bohemia Interactive/ArmA 2/LEA/resources/classlists/weapons/classlist_weapons.xml not found: Application will now close. " I screwed around with Java to get it working cause I also had that "didn't recognize java as a command" stuff. It still comes up with this, with manual and Installer, installs. Can somebody help me with this?
  3. Data file too short 'aawinfantry_t.pbo'. Expected 65160554 B, got 40393964 B