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  1. 1. You still havent credited DDAM for various model parts..

    2. I were unable to see any vehicles.

    3. You still failed to mention that you used the SOCMOD Normal Maps from the Pants in our mod as well as the kneepads without even asking for permission.

    We clearly state that we do NOT allow alteration or changed variants to be published.

    Though since you clearly did not care the least about our License i would like you to remove all of our unrightfully used content from ONS asap.

    I do not know what lead you to take such messures and then going about it like nothing happened. Your team should be ashamed of the practices you used to boast your own modification for work you did not do on your own but simply stealing from people hoping no one will notice. Guess what, we did notice.

    To clarify:

    This is your copy paste of our texture file with MC dropped on top of it


    While this is the original CO File


  2. Well i am pretty sure no single US Force unit is wearing British MTP Camo equipment or clothes.

    Reguardless - you ran into the BIS Reskin trap they setup on all Platecarriers that only came in Plain color, all Similar Magazine Flaps have the same UV Cord, therefor effects you add and camo you bring on top of it will be the exact same for every Magpouch.

    Nice work on the DAP, its lookin really gud, yis.

    I also highly approve of the pink 50. Cal Pink 50. Cal proof

  3. As my Designteacher always said "depth is most dramaticly created by a low ammount of light", therefor i looked up one of the Scenes from the latest WW2 Title Fury, the Tiger Scene to be precise:

    Tiger Scene Fotoshoot

    That Idea, especially in Fury appears to be inspired by an older Title, Steiner Cross of Iron which takes a similar approach especially in the more Dramatic dialog sections

    Steiner - Cross of Iron pt 2

    The basic tech behind it is to turn the bright light down with a warmer tone of yellow as it breaks up on surfaces (donno if that made sense, in my head it does)

  4. Looking at the reference Material, one of the Assault Rifles looks like a modified FN 2000 (one of Tom's all time fav. Weapons), whilest the other one appears to be a somewhat modified Variant of the AUG. That should help out a little with messurement and shapes that are hard to see on the Reference Material that you already have.

    Don't go to heavy on the reference Material, give it somewhat of your own spin on things so you do not have to worry about some buttmonkey telling you its wrong based of XYZ reference Material.

  5. The general problem with establishing a team is that it is very hard to do if you are doing a pre-determited theme. I personally would not work inside a team, or establish a team, that is working on a project i am not interisted in.

    Without a heart-felt connection it simply is hard to stay on the ball and enjoy what you are doing.

    A payment incentive would not make me overlook the above points, its our freetime afterall.

  6. I'm trying to make a new character model in game, but how to do it? Say I've done the modelling in 3DS Max or Blender. How to port them in-game. Also, is there anyway to add wristwatch model on the existing character? I think it's far more better to add a wristwatch

    For the watch, you can make that part of the Uniform Model you are most likely going to import. The BI Character itself is a person wearing just underwear. So are you considering to replace that character or add in a new Uniform?

  7. Okay, some feedback on the camo in general.

    There is about 3 main ways of camo, Possitive Space, Negative Space and Neutral Space.

    Possitive Space are the brighter patterns, with the dominant color beeing the brigest or most neutral (see MARPAT Desert) which are used to conceal the object or individual against more solid backdrops such as Desert or Buildings.

    Negative Space is the direct opposite and mostly used for woodland or jungle based patterns. Here you have the medium color dominate with a lot of splitting with the darkest color and minor highlights inbetween.

    Neutral is just the inbetween thing, see Multicam.

    So based on that it is hard for me to find an intended purpose for the camo you placed on the texture as it appears to be rather Neutral with a light dominance of brighter colors. It feels misplaced as woodland camo to me, it would potentially work better with less saturated colors. For a pretty nice colorfitting take a screenshot of the intended areas of use and place them in one document. Then change the image mode to index color and enter the ammount of colors you wish for in your own pattern, then colorpick and make happy panda face.

    For the CO texture i would advise to take the normal map of the texture you want to change, make a greyscale of it and place it in your CO texture workfile, that way you have a plain grey to work with as background for the pattern itself and can use blending modes to give the texture more depth and contrast.

  8. Fluttershy you got any photos or refs of the KSK running the 2k1? From what I know they've never used it, it is entirely possible but I've more than a few friends who have said they don't use it. EGB does however. The reason the APH is still used, aside from the reasons fluttershy mentioned, is because it is very light compared to many helmets and some guys prefer it to the AF... but yeah the AF has also been popular recently :)

    I saw it during a Troopshow in Calw Febuary 2012, firesupport teams and recon group were clearly wearing TC01s, of course, no photos allowed.

  9. Normaly when its further outside the main AO you get the gunless Military personal sent to you if requested or the CO wants to play a joke on you.

    Most Soldiers i knew prayed for themselfs if they were religouse belivers (to each his own) in the Main Bases you do have a Chapel of sort. In Kosovo that actually built a real one. In Astan it was just a Briefing Container with a cross on the entrance.

  10. Well, if you modelled the TC2001 using the TC APH as reference it shouldn' t go to waste anyway, it seems that the KSK has used them for quite a while, or helmets looking exactly like those, so since you will be making KSK in the future that will give you an occasion to use those.

    You' ll have to remodel the TC2001s though.:p

    The KSK actually used both models, some still do. Due to a a delivery shortage on the more "advanced" APHs. The older TC01 have been all sorted out by about 2012 (only vague info on that).

    The current supplier of KSK Ballistic Helmets is said to be Zebra Armour from South-Africa (jeah thats really getting weird now, but lowest bidder...) but Members of the KSK, just like other SF Unit are known to get their own stuff, so most still run the APH.

    Furthermore the KSK was seen during training testing the Crye Airframe Helmets around mid 2012, though only worn by the Assault element.

    At least that is what i got for the KSK Helmets, i have bad to no intel after 2013 only what you can find in the media.

  11. Not quite sure on the liveries yet, but if people have some favorites, feel free to shoot me a link or two to them and i'll see if I cant get them done.

    This is going to be a bit of a longer project than the normal stuff, so I will probably be making some stuff in between the battles :p

    Again, if anyone is missing anything, either crate or otherwise, let me know.

    Started a bit on some pre-stuff for texturing. That in itself is gonna take a week of solid work to get done.

    Just the drone control central has about 60 different electronic devices that needs to be made.

    Hence, why im not rushing to start on texturing yet. Though since alot of the things will be working for many purposes, texturing wont take more or less really with a few added gizmos extra. :cool:

    Great job tackeling a bigger and more complex challenge! For Textures i would advise to take a look at some of the Tools like Quixel or Substance Painter, that can greatly reduce the time you need for the textures and other maps connected to them. It will also solidify your workflow

  12. Ugh i feel so bad actually making a request of sorts, or rather giving an idea without contributing anything else... please only intake this with some spicey sauce.

    - A Briefing Container // http://gyazo.com/ce25d0046c20455df49b47b656644168

    - A "Hang-Out" Container // Baiscly some furnature, maybee a Wall-mounted TV, Kicker or Pooltable, you know a place the guys go to unwind other then the GYM.

    Actually.... if you need any help, i will be pleased to offer my assistance.

  13. Im already using the sample character to model around. Work on the vest is a bit slow at the moment to do school work, but I promise an update will be coming soon.

    Dont rush, take your time and only Model when you really want to. This is your hobby not some kind of work. I can say from experience that the results that come out really show if the person wanted to do it, or just wanted to be done with it.

    If you go to fast, force work on yourself (like accepting requests... dont ever accept requests) you will lose the enjoyment and ultimatly stop.

  14. I wondering when DayZ was becoming the "new" that all modders should follow and become the example how arma mods should be. Well I only been here since OFP time. What do I know? :cool:

    That was somewhere arround the time call of duty kept repeating itself like Madden, now people realised that repeating the same malarkey over and over is the way to a successful title. Therefor lets all work together and make this Military Simulator as much of a Survive XYZ as possible. Oh and i will contribute good will and long paragraphs of pointless text too!

    Lets work together and make this the best "not what it is supposed to be" there is!!! BOOYAAAAH

  15. Hey at least your quallity got compared to a list of more then 30 people working on one pack, that is pretty impressive.

    As a Headsup Eric, your contribution to SOC will be part of the next major update we roll out.

    And thank you soooooo much for the PVS 22 Scope, finaly someone did it. The Geometrie updates work fine as well.

  16. Most mods - or rather Addons are only adding additional functions or assets that work in any type of playmode.

    I think you are more thinking about a Mission than an actual Mod. Surely some bigger Assets come with Showcase Missions but that is mostly about it. We as addon creators simply add features and assets to the base game that we think are missing for our personal enjoyment, or the communites enjoyment.

    The problem you are talking about above is not an issue with the systems in place in DayZ or other Surival Missions, where the majority of the interaction and gameplay is Player driven. It is the Players themself and the evolution of a player set in such enviorement for to long. People will beginn to play players they just met until they get killed by that player, they might repeat the process 2 or 3 times until they will shot everyone on sight.

    I am sorry to see that you are obviousely one of the very few people looking for a good gameplay experience and player interaction in such gamemodes.... good luck, you will need it.