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  1. Hi all Not sure just how many people check these forums these days but wondering if someone how could help editing a mission file . A long while ago I edit a put out the fire mission and made a bambi bucket to replace the original bucket in the file The issue is I had trouble with placing a texture on my new object and wondering if some who has the knowledge could texture the object and re compile the file Cheers Rhys
  2. Hi All Recently lost about 90% of my Hard drive, most things were back up but lost a copy of close air support. Tried to downloaded it from the post down the page but its no longer available so wondering if anyone has a copy they could send me .. Cheers Rhys
  3. Hi all Got everything working only bug is when doing locations scouting I pick the the passengers but no direction where to fly them or anything else sems that the projects dead in the water sadly like the take on helicopter forums
  4. I have the mission working only issue is when I accept a passenger ferry i press accept current task press 0 0 2 fly to the location no one is there. I'll make sure atc radio is on, on panel maybe that's the issue
  5. Hi all Had to reinstall TOH and of course re install heli 4 hire mod. I have got Heli 4 hire working now but when I accept a task via the radio (call in current task via the radio on the map, hit 0-0-2 requst current task) I fly to the location and there is either no one there of the task disappears. My helo has seats installed for passager ferry but not sure what I am doing wrong. I now its an old MOD but can anyone help Cheers Rhys
  6. Hi Guys Old thread I know but I'm having troule installing heli4 hire. I had to reninstall take on helicopters but have issue's installing heli 4 hire Placed the pbo file into the addon folder in the main toh folder and placed the unzipped heli4 hire master into the TOH folder in my documents and a copy in the missions folder in the Main TOH folder but no luck. Can anyone help Cheers Rhys
  7. Hi Installing TOH in windows 7 wondering if I should let in install to its default location folder (x86) or should I install in somewhere else Cheer Rhys
  8. Hi all What is the default key to release the cargo hook. Looked in controls but can't seem to find it would to assign another key for the hook release on my joystick Rhys
  9. Hi all Just bought a Matrox dualhead2go analog version but for some reason when I go to launch Take on Helicopters both screens give me the message input not supported. The device works with my other games. Anyone using dualhead to go who can help Cheers Rhys
  10. Wish you all the best in your new country. Rhys
  11. Just keeping the post alive, hoping for a update in the near future Rhys
  12. Just keeping the topic alive, hope to see some more updates in the near future Rhys
  13. Thanks SamB I forgot to change the profile and change freelook to default on. all working now. Cheers Rhys
  14. Hi all Having some trouble with the control setup in TOH. I am using widows 7 and trying to get the mouse to look around the cockpit so I can turn on ATC batteries etc... but the mouse is moving the cyclic controls and not panning round the cockpit. I have TOH installed on my old XP machine and that is working fine. Rhys
  15. Great stuff Moach Every time I download the new features are amazing. It must be hard releasing and then updating as you go. Cheers Rhys