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  1. Even though I have never looked at the scripts, that makes sense in my ears. I will try set resistance as enemy instead. When I attacked the BMP I only had the sniper in my team. I was observing it for a while before attacking, and I was pretty sure I messed up and he should have attacked me first, but he didn't. The second I blew it up, my sniper buddy shot me in the back. Funny as hell and frustrating at the same time. Running out of time today but I will do some testing with -showScriptErrors this weekend. Keep up the good work!
  2. Sounds good. Remember I'm running a beta patch :) Well that explains it then.
  3. Fenrisulven

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Holy smokes so much negativity :butbut: Not listening.. la la la.. I'm still getting it. Besides a lot of great mission makers already implemented ACR troops, equipment and vehicles in their missions.
  4. Fenrisulven

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Pretty much any government. Don't matter if it's a democracy or dictatorship. No need to be a conspiracy theorist to understand it either. All you need is a little knowledge of military history.
  5. No upgrades. I did a test earlier and bought ammo supply but just like mortar, it never showed up even after moving the HQ and unpacking, so I don't buy upgrades anymore :p Yes I usually have a few in my team. Interesting, it's possible but I need more testing to confirm. Right, I forgot to add it after temporarily running without -showScriptErrors. I will add it again and try another long runner, hopefully soon. It's pretty much only the confused AI thing I'm worried about. When it happens, it's not possible to continue playing because of friendly fire.
  6. Fenrisulven

    Any Available User-made CIA missions?

    Just launch a WF mission in Takistan and pretend it's Afghanistan, you as TK GUE vs Russia and you have a pretty much authentic historical mission about the birth of al-Qaeda :rolleyes:
  7. Fenrisulven

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    Yes, well shit happens :rolleyes:
  8. Fenrisulven

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    A laptop :rolleyes: but it's a 17" 3D XPS i7, 8GB RAM, 3GB DDR3 DX11- card with nvidia 3D support. I'm just hoping I will get enough time to test A3 before the major solar burst strikes that scientists such as Michio Kaku warned us about. It will pretty much fry everything electronic globally, so maybe don't buy too expensive upgrades just yet :rolleyes: It's supposed to hit in 2012-13. Electricity will be out for a very long time, and pretty much all computers, communications and the Internet is history (Facebook NOOOOO !!!). There will be riots, chaos and anarchy. One can only speculate when there will be new computers available. Hopefully you won't die from radiation sickness. Oh about that did I mention cooling systems will fail on pretty much every nuclear facility on the planets half facing the sun? That including old nuclear waste facilities that still needs cooling for another 80 years or so. It's a scenario possibly worse then WW3. Did I say it was Michio Kaku who warned us about this thing? He is a cofounder of the bloody string theory. He if anyone should know about this stuff, but I hope that he and all his scientist colleagues are just nuts :crazy:
  9. Yes, HQ from start and skip. I have seen both. At one time the HQ had fuel but after unpacking and packing, it was gone. Yes after respawn. High command works. Pretty much everything works but the player unit icon is missing on the map. 3D markers? Now I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think it's missing camps outside towns. Could be very small towns though. Need more testing to confirm. I keep it on friendly. Just two sided, east and west. No resistance and no partisans. The schizophrenic AI is the biggest issue. It's worth noting that I don't experience this early on. I think I was on my second hour last time the AI messed up. The strange thing is, even though the AI don't fire at you they still act hostile and dodge behind cover and aim at you and stuff, and not until you walk straight up to them they start shooting. If you manage to kill enough enemy soldiers, or take out a vehicle then your own team members will take you down.
  10. No prob I'm glad to help. I rarely use community mods because of stability and the only one that I normally have loaded is CBA. -nosplash -mod=BAF;PMC;@CBA;@fallujah1_1;@MARKB50K_Apocalypse Pretty much vanilla except I'm using beta 1.62 (Release Candidate #3) build 95248, so some of these problems may not be mission related. HQ still out of fuel after packing, confirmed. A few times I used fuel from nearby vehicles to get it moving. However, I don't consider the HQ being rewarding enough and dropping by air gets you back to the front line much quicker. In fact, using airdrop instead of HQ is almost like cheating because you can skip to start location and spawn where you died pretty much instantly. Using the HQ and move it forward as you capture camps feels more natural. Also unpacking in towns and auto transfer equipment to the stash is pretty rewarding, and a fun feature I never seen in another mission. The position disappears completely after respawn. Unless I have a GPS or a team member to ask I have to navigate by eye. I wonder if the camps not spawing issue is bec of object collision detection. Some of the camps you designed are rather big. Nicely done, but huge and more base like. I pretty much always have west as friend and east as enemy and two sided. Last mission was US Army vs Russia on Takistan. I always have civilians enabled for realism. I don't like huge empty maps and abandoned cities. It's too post apocalyptic. That's one of the reasons I like this mission. ALICE is broken in vanilla WF and BE is rather resource heavy and civs adds extra CPU load.
  11. A few new issues: Not sure if it's by design but more often then not when you start with the HQ, the HQ vehicle is out of fuel and immobile. When that happens I rather just blow it up and spawn by airdrop instead, because if you run out of vehicles nearby and spawn at HQ, then you may have to run for miles to get back to action. Not my cup of tea. Could be fixed by randomly spawning light vehicles close to the HQ so you never run out. My position stops updating on the map. Happened a few times and its pretty annoying if you don't have a GPS. When the missions starts out, it updates just fine regardless of unit type so I assume it's a bug. Camps don't spawn. Sometimes you get camp positions on the map but no camps. You can still capture it but you have to constantly check your exact position on the map and navigate to the correct position. Rather annoying. Last but not least. AI tend to get confused a lot. This is a rather serious issue and game braking IMO. All the sudden enemy AI won't attack, and when I attack them I get slaughtered by my own team :j: This happened on different missions and on different maps. Last time it was just me and my sniper and a lone enemy BMP. I'm 100% sure it was hostile because it had the red armored NATO symbol on the map and the setup was US Army vs RU and the US don't use BMP that much. So I blew it up with a Javelin and my sniper shot me in the back as a result. That explained why the BMP didn't attack, because I was pretty sure he could see me. Very confusing to say the least.
  12. Great news. Now this mission got everything.
  13. Fenrisulven

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    I upgraded the moment A3 was announced. As a nice bonus, A2 now runs like a dream.
  14. No problem, glad you liked it :cool: Hopefully I will have time to take 27 for a spin later. Downloading now.. EDIT: Much better now. These changes made a tremendous difference. Reinforcements x2 is more then enough it seems. I wouldn't recommend a higher setting unless you work for NASA. Forces can build up pretty quickly. Points at 300% makes life a lot easier. Now I can call in vehicles and afford to loose them. Great fun! Also I find myself playing a lot more tactical compared to typical WF missions. You have good reasons to take good care of your team and equipment. Also I found a way to exploit the points bonus system but I'm not sure I want you to fix it :rolleyes: Heck you probably know about it already. Recruiting one AI costs 150 but giving it back to AI gives you 450 points. If you give back a whole team, well then you start making some serious bucks. Keep buying and selling for a while and.. you get the idea. Infinite points :cool: Cheating or not, this is how A2OA is supposed to be played IMO. It's a perfect blend of tactical small scale fire fights and grand strategy. This is what the RV engine was designed for. Nice work man. It's tuning up to be one of the finest user made missions ever. Keep it up!
  15. Stuck at work so I took a few minutes and made you a new loading screen for the mission :) I noticed yours was a bit lowres. Use if you like markb50k. No pressure :cool: http://imageshack.us/f/696/aplogo.jpg/ EDIT: It also makes for a good desktop background *hint hint* :biggrin_o: just make sure you save the file in it's original resolution 3200x1800.