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  1. Welcome to Server Hosting Blackbeard06. Prepare yourself ! Many hosters leave a lot of stuff blank for you to fill out the details. HFB does not setup the profile bit for you as it is such a personal preference. As Terox stated .. please read his links and begin to digest what you need to control as an individual running a server. In your arma3config_19056 folder there is a config.cfg file as you stated .... Your Server Configuration File that displays messages sets some basic params for the server and calls whatever mission you decide when started. Inside that SAME folder you will also find a basic.cfg .... You Server Network Configuration file where you can adjust bandwidth and communication settings based on the type of mission and amount of people for which you are catering. Inside that SAME folder you will see another folder called USERS ... go in there. Inside that folder you should see another folder called arma3config_19056 <---- (my best guess) Inside THIS folder is probably blank and this is where you will have to put your PROFILE file ... the arma3config_19056.Arma3Profile that dictates difficulty levels for Novice/Reg etc. You should be able to ascertain the correct names for these files from the list of PREDEFINED startup commands that HFB give you. See Terox links for copying a basic one to this location to enable your server to SEE and reference it for the difficulty you want. It also sets the params for your mission related to your first and initial post. Do NOT mix them up as Terox has stated .... There a 3 files you will have to maintain as a server operator and they do very different things. Config.cfg / Basic.cfg / xxxxx.Arma3Profile Good Luck. May the force be with you !
  2. Just wanted to drop in and say Thank You and Congrats on a great "Out of the Box" working mod :-) My small clan and I installed it last night - within 15 mins it was on server and tested by 2 people. 30 minutes later another 5 had the relevant links, DL and installed and running with very little problems. Your own site information w.r.t. installation was very well written and laid out (Idiots like me, nailed it 1st time) I no longer have to make the squelch sound myself :oP - What a blast and 100% more immersion. Loved the degrading sound effects on the radios 2.5k+ Congrats, Well Done & Thank you Jax
  3. kk will remove ASR and test with basic Domi settings 2nite sir and leave feedback in the thread for public !
  4. 2.99u .... played for a bit tonight with 5 friends and ALL AI were like Supersoldiers ! Is the ASR non effective ? Even side missions were ridiculously hard !
  5. Did something change in AI that I missed ? I host Domination (Xeno) and ASR_AI Mod and since the patch I have had to turn the config settings for the AI down to incredibly low levels w.r.t. aiming accuracy and spotting time, just to make the mission semi playable. Also .... the Tanks and AA in the game seem to now have Chuck Norris as their commander, seemingly unaffected by any changes in accuracy settings, making the balancing of the gameplay incredibly difficult. Does anyone have a workaround for dumbing down the accuracy of the tanks and AA since ASR does not affect them ? Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Hey guys I've done about a week's worth of bug and forum crawling to no avail. I see many threads and bug reports shutdown from lack of votes ! Here's my problem ! 1. Basic editor - Create a UAV Operator 2. Put a Greyhawk UAV down 3. Create a Respawn module on the Greyhawk 4. Take off and crash the Greyhawk 5. UAV Operator can no longer connect to the UAV that has respawned ! Is this a bug ? Cos I'm tired of trying the workarounds that I read on the forums, such as creatingvehicle crew etc. It seems fairly freakin basic to me ! UAV + UAV OPERATOR should work when respawned or not in the editor ! Thanks in advance for any direction on this one, cos there's been several tickets on this moderators have closed down owing to either lack of response or timeout and I cannot find the solution that people may have found. Thanks Jax
  7. jxjcksn

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    OMG ! did you not listen to the teaser Vid that was posted of the chopper effects ??? JSRS is like a trip to the doctor at 45 years old .... You know what's coming ! But there's no Freaking way you can prepare for it ! Give him Space, Give Him Time ! He works on the all known ............ "If you build it ! They will come !"
  8. jxjcksn

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Many thanks for all the teasers which I probably hate you all more for it, however .. A masterpiece ... shall never be rushed .... Just look at his previous releases ... not many patches needed at all, so I will wait .. not happy about it, but I will wait, knowing that JSRS will redefine playing the game and take missions immersion to a whole new level. The friends that I know who I have shown the teasers and have not had the privilege of JSRS Arma2 are already blown away .. and I tell them ... just wait ! It will happen ! and .. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED ! Ty Lord J .. for everything you have done and do ! Jax
  9. jxjcksn

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Still having great success with Altis Insurgency Dap. I think there seems to be a REZ bug, maybe you were aware of it already ? Sometimes when someone gets shot and is unconscious (i.e. screen black or fading in and out) they are deemed Reviveable I believe. We have had some cases when these people get revived that they are stuck to the ground and cannot stand up. Initially we thought it was some time of a timer based on the seriousness of the wound, but we are tending to believe otherwise now. The can spin on the ground and the player can see (as if rezzed) but they cannot stand up or move, simply spin their character on the ground. The workaround we have found is to have another Team member shoot them / injure them and as long as the person on the ground uses a first aid kit ... the animation of this seems to release the bug and lets them stand up. Having anyone else, medic or not do this second revive, still keeps them on the ground. Hope this helps Cheers Jax :-)
  10. jxjcksn

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Agreed Kremator and that's why since hosting missions since Arma2 days I am very selective over the missions I decide to host on my server. There are too many people out there building i3 i5 OC rigs just to compensate for Bis coding that cannot keep up with the demand, hence, at least as a server admin, I can ensure that further network lag does not derive or originate from mission coding. I don't and am not interested in hitting 50 people on any of my hosted missions, but 10-20 people keeps my group of friends happy, hence why, when an awesomely coded mission hits like DAP's, I like to throw a little feedback. As you already know, mission variables, AI and coding themselves can add to and compound further the Desync and network lag we all have experienced. I take pride when people having mid range PC's hop on and say, "This is awesome framerate I get on this server !" and I am first to tell them the main reason is a well written mission and giving Kudos to the author. So, in short, I just wanted to throw some feedback at DAP, in case no-one had done so already :p Next one for DAP :-) As a result of Altis being a success, I hosted your Stratis mission sir and we ran it Nightime with Dense fog and rain. Awesome entertainment to say the least once we had restricted certain weapons, however, the AI, obviously, were at a bit of a disadvantage, not having NVGoggles ! ... Is there a simple way to add NV Goggles to the Insurgents to increase their spotting range if time of day is set to Night ? orrr ... is the SPOTSKILL of 1 a maximum and can be increased any more ? DAP_BF_AI_OVERALLSKILL=1; DAP_BF_AI_AIMINGSKILL=0.17; DAP_BF_AI_SPOTSKILL=1; Many thanks again sir.
  11. jxjcksn

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Great update DAP and just to let you know have not encountered any errors since the patch. Mission runs incredibly smooth, and as stated - great job on the coding. We even changed the weather to have a look at the new rain effect and playing your mission in overcast pouring rain with lightning is even more fun :-) One thing I would like to bring to your attention though, and I don't know if other people are experiencing this .... When the server is active and running we get the dreaded RED chain for a second and every member barr the Joiner gets 100000 desync. It lasts for about 5 seconds or as quickly as the player can spawn in, then passes. I haven't noticed any major detriment to the running, but was wondering if you could throw any light onto the problem. I have messed about with the server bandwidth settings MaxMsg and MinBand but it seems to have no effect. Our server is a dedicated 50 man server which runs Domi maps with no desync or joining red chains. Many thanks again for some great coding and gameplay - keep up the good work :pc:
  12. jxjcksn

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Many thanks for the update DAP :-) Mission uploaded and looking forward to testing it over the weekend. Good luck to everyone's coding surviving BIS's next patch :p
  13. jxjcksn

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Hey Dap, Great Mission and Great coding .. runs smooth ! Just 1 Question ... is it possible for me to increase the amount of insurgents at the Caches? and how ? Thanks in advance Jax
  14. That said, as you already know, there's plenty of reading about how and what many of the settings COULD be. Terox has created some awesome reading on many of the above settings and I believe there was a comment made by BIS about enlightening us to some of the illusive settings one day *sigh. MinBandwidth and MaxMsgSend are the big ones for tweaking that will have most effect on your server and again is relevant and tied to what kind of a mission you play. Servers that operate heavy AI will always require more performance from the server .... and missions like Domi, that use clever scripts to clear / pickup dead bodies once objectives are complete are great thus reducing what servers have to track. I suppose I still treat running a server just now like running Windows XP back in the old days. Always runs faster when you reboot the damn thing once in a while :p I'm still tweaking :-) Last night I noticed our server FPS dropped a little to about 30fps. Upon investigation I did find our server rpt file to be growing a little large, with more errors in there than usual, once again reinforcing Mission coding plays such a large part of performance. Our ASR AI mod seems to be chucking a few here and there, but a reboot of the server and adding -nologs improved it greatly again. GLuck with your endeavours and prepare for the next update coming, which hopefully will take us further towards optimization !
  15. Hey GavC, Here is my config settings for my server. I rent from HFB and I too did ALOT of research and tweaking here and there. Keep in mind that the MISSION plays a big roll in what settings are needed especially for MaxMsgSend etc ..... The mission I am running just now is Xeno's Domination Blufor 2.99o with edits - no mods and the server runs on average 45 fps. No desync, No Lag with players reporting their FPS to be great, compared to their rig and hardware of course. Items commented out is crap I messed with but never had any effect for stuff I run. My players range from 2 to 15 ... Server capable of 50 ... but set to 25 for our small group of friends. Hope this helps GL Jax language="English"; adapter=-1; MinBandwidth=64000000; MaxBandwidth=838860800; MaxMsgSend=384; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; MinErrorToSend=0.001; // MinErrorToSendNear=0.02 // class sockets{maxPacketSize=1400;}; MaxCustomFileSize=100000; Windowed=0; serverLongitude=0; serverLatitude=52; serverLongitudeAuto=0; serverLatitudeAuto=52;