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  1. E' obbligatorio avere ACRE per giocare sul vostro server? Io sto aspettando che esca ACE mod per arma3 prima di incominciare. Trovo che il sistema radio incluso nel gioco sia decente..
  2. BlackADD3R

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    After many years of ArmA2, I am pretty sure I will lay it to rest ! ARMA 3 is the new standard. It is really starting to grow on me. and for all the haters, this is where we are heading with camo patterns..... http://i.imgur.com/yjSuR1Y.jpg
  3. Still playing this on a regular basis. It's my go-to scenario when I need to test addons or mods.
  4. You can launch a SP game from PWS and adding any mods from your mod folders. There is a SP or MP slider in the program....I hope that's what you are asking...?
  5. WOW, such a quick response and you answered all my questions too!!! I never used Six updater or Six launcher so I will not miss them, what do I care? I just started playing multiplayer this weekend, always only used SP..but now....the world is open to me. I was just scared that any mods I have may be negatively affected in my original setup. Heck, if they get updated and synced to the latest versions its actually a good thing, for SP or MP alike it's a bonus. Can't wait to get home and play (with 6) he he he he . Thanks for taking the time, this is HUGE. Everyone needs to get on board!!! **************Been playing Arma2 for two years tweaking folders, copying & installing mods, sleepless nights, wife hates me...children neglected... etc...and in one day Play With 6 solved all my headaches************
  6. Downloaded this tool over the weekend and it already has changed my life within Arma2 CO. I just had a couple of questions about it quickly: 1. I downloaded Six launcher and Six Updater the same weekend because I thought i needed them too, but I don't right? Play with 6 does it all? 2. I already had about 100 mods individually installed from Armaholic and BI forums. With Play with 6 some of them are recognized and synced (I selected main Arma2 folder as mod location). Any existing manually installed mod remains in place and only a .rsync sub-folder gets added right? What I really mean is: will PwS alter any existing mods other than adding a .rsync folder? 3. any new mod described above will still be accessible for single player use? Because i use spirited Machine's ArmA Launcher for Single player. Thanks for this tool, it really changes things for the best. ---------- Post added at 11:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:31 AM ---------- You can filter the servers by game/mod/server type in the upper right corner of the application somewhere.....I am not at my game machine right now so can't tell you for sure as It's new to me too...but its def there if you look hard...:}\ ---------- Post added at 11:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:41 AM ---------- Other quick question: when I install a new mod to my Arma2 folder with PwS, the server key appears in the keys subfolder. Do I have to manually move it the keys folder? Right now its a bit of a pain as I have updated/downloaded at least 200 new mods thanks to PwS. That's a lot of mouse clicks.... Stil I dont mind, its making the game folders nice and organized.
  7. BlackADD3R

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    This program is ESSENTIAL! please keep supporting it, I use it every day.
  8. BlackADD3R

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    About to fire this up...but nowhere was I able to see if its SP playable....Is it?
  9. BlackADD3R

    Got game crash? Do this

    Need help with RPT file. I am trying to play MarkB50K Apocalypse mission. It has a bunch of randomly generated options you can select, that's why I like it so much. Anyhow, as of a few months ago it has been crashing game to desktop (arma2oa has stopped working error message). I have been trying everything, disabling mods, running vanilla, reverting to older versions of mission (there are many) etc.. I am able to play anywhere from 15 minutes to 1hr but inevitably it will always end to desktop. I have been trying to make some sense scouring my rpt files but wanted a pro to look at it because I essentially don't know what to look for. This week I have focused on using different memory allocators in my launch parameter to see if it was a memory issue, since I read this on the forums being a common problem if the game runs fine for a while, but then builds up to a ctd. wil someone check out my rpt file real quick if I post it? That would be very helpful...or point me to where to learn how to read an rpt file.. thanks in advance I have noticed these things in my rpt file, they don't seem like positive warnings and there are dozens of them such as: Addon markb50k_config_pracs (entry MARKB50K_EAST_PRACS_Regular_ARM) not found in the list of active addons. Addon pracs_weapons (entry PRACS_Mk48) not found in the list of active addons. Addon markb50k_config_pracs (entry MARKB50K_EAST_PRACS_Regular_ENG) not found in the list of active addons. Addon pracs_weapons (entry PRACS_g3a3) not found in the list of active addons. Addon markb50k_config_pracs (entry MARKB50K_EAST_PRACS_Regular_GRE) not found in the list of active addons. and Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ASZ_camo_base.nameSound'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ASZ_camo_base.side'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ASZ_camo_base.destrType'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value
  10. I scaled back to using version 5.0.1 of this mission and played 2 hrs without any problem or crash, try that, maybe the latest version is still buggy...?
  11. I dont know whassup with Mark, this thread is dead....!!!? Any how, been playing latest version and getting the " Arma2 has stopped working" crash to desktop every single time. Anybody out there having the same issue???
  12. In Whole Lotta War is there a set limit to the saved games? I have filled the available save slots and after over-writing existing saved games any additional saves become corrupt and I cannot re-load them to continue mission. Having "lotta fun" with this mission regardless.
  13. I didn't read all 30 pages of posts but maybe it's already been discussed: is whole Lotta War ACE compatible? Because I think first aid crashes my ArmA to desktop as soon as any team member gets wounded. Plays fine without ace, damn fine mission, similar to Flashpoints with instant action and free roaming. Nice!
  14. Is the Hazar Kot map playable as SP also? The .pbo has coop labels only... thx
  15. Is the Hazar Kot version only available for play as COOP? The .pbo has COOP_EX.MCN_HazarKot in the name....just wondering.