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  1. So I get the Defense Module working with someone's method, my question is how can I make it spawn enemy unit like cars, armors. (the old method no longer working) Anyone know how to do ? Also how can I spawn more enemies in one wave ? Thanks ~
  2. aammooss1122

    Defence module mission help

    I got it working but I have a question, how to make vehicles or armors to spawn as enemy ? placing empty vehicle ? cuz it dosen't seem like going to spawn
  3. aammooss1122

    Ultimate Soldier 2

    I always wonder is it possible to make the soldier to run at least 2 times faster than vanilla version speed ? Cause that will be a real super soldier :)
  4. aammooss1122

    Firefight Improvement System 2

    Hopefully your work can complete very soon . Because this is the best AI mod I have seen for ARMA 3 , but sadly for several times of update , the old version of your mod seems may casue some bug in the latest version of ARMA 3 . Thank you for all your work :bounce3: Can't wait anymore for the FFIS 2
  5. Love the latest update and that BEAM :cool: Nice work bro ,
  6. aammooss1122

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Nice job !!!:cool: Everyone who plays arma are glad to see the A-10's back :bounce3: Looking forward to your release ~
  7. aammooss1122

    WW AICover

    This is something which we can't lack of to playing Arma 3 . :cool: Donwloaded
  8. aammooss1122

    Speed Of Sound

    I like it . Nice soundmod , but it could be a little bit louder :)
  9. aammooss1122

    GID - Object Positioning System

    Anybody can answer my question above ??? Need help plz :(
  10. aammooss1122

    GID - Object Positioning System

    I'm sorry to ask . But what exactly "call your script at the beginning of the mission" this step mean ?? And how it works ?
  11. Finally I figured out how to make use of it myself . Just choose linked objects by using F5 synchronized and it will be done . Originally , I was misunderstanded the ways to use those function .:(
  12. My situation is as same as you ..... Does anybody really know how to use those new function ?? plz
  13. And how about the state of task ?? Is it a BIS_fnc too ??
  14. aammooss1122

    •Helmet mounted cameras?

    What does it mean "helmet mounted canera" ? Is that something like "land warrior system " in reality ?