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  1. I'm having trouble with the sectors. Each tutorial has more options in the game logic box, but I'm just seeing this ?
  2. I've used this in my map. Setup a small radius and a 10 to 1 ratio to capture it. I still have problems figuring out the starting positions. I don't think placing each individual unit is a good idea since the missions are for up to 90 players. I have the idea to setup squads and then let the squad start around a specific marker. (I must admit this is all a lot harder than I expected )
  3. Thank you very much for helping me out so far.
  4. I don't have the flags placed on the map yet, but of course I have a specific location in mind. All flags are held by team A at the start of the game. I want the flag change to take a certain amount of time. (like a progress bar) The player has to run up to the flagpole and start the switching in the action menu. While this runs, he/she mustn't walk away from the pole or the capturing will be canceled. Team B should have the possibility to recapture the flag in the same way during the game. No timer yet No, the starting position is one of my questions, together with the joining condition. The respawn position is set for both team A and B.
  5. I'm having my first go at Arma edditing and decided to make a PvP multiplayer series of missions.I'm a total noob at this and only have some abstract knowledge of programming. I want to use vanila Arma 3 stuff only. (so no mods have to be installed by the player) The concept Team A starts holding a certain area, team B has to seize the area. They do this by raising their flag(s). The things I don't know how to do is setting up when the game is finished. I want team A to win the mission -if they still have a majority of flags and the timer is finished I want team B to win the mission -If they lower and raise all flags in the area (the mission ends) -If they have a majority of the flags and the timer is finished I also would like team A to start on a certain location, but respawn from another after a player gets killed. Extra conditions: -if a slot is not taken, the character does not respawn on the starting location. -if a player picks and empty slot as soon as the game runs for a X amount of time, he starts in at the respawn location where he goes when he dies. Any help is much appreciated. :)
  6. dekster

    Star Wars Ep. 7 - THE FORCE AWAKENS

    It sure looks a lot better than the Jurassic Park trailer. Knowing Abrams directed this one, seeing what he has done with Star Trek, looking very much forward to these new films.
  7. dekster

    Music Recommendations

    ---------- Post added at 12:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:13 AM ----------
  8. dekster

    Arma 2 DLC in steam

    You can install the DLC's as a "separate" game, launch those for a first time and it's settled. :)
  9. dekster

    Arma 2 DLC in steam

    Problem solved, had to launch the DLC's apart and then they appeared in OA in full version. (the hardcopy never had that problem) thread locked?
  10. dekster

    Arma 2 DLC in steam

    None of this has worked, both games are now run under 32bit, but still the lite versions.
  11. dekster

    Arma 2 DLC in steam

    Just tried this (run steam als admin), doesn't fix the problem. :confused: Also tried to reinstall, didn't do anything. But I have discovered that Steam only gives me the 32bit folder option for reinforcements, while the Arma2 files are in a 64bit folder? Edit again: now removing all arma 2 files and reinstalling them in 32bit folder, hope this will work.
  12. I have switched my Hardcopy keys of arma 2 (Arma 2, Arma OA, BAF, PMC) to steam, but somehow now in OA I only have the lite versions of BAF and PMC. How can solve this? ---------- Post added at 12:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:43 PM ---------- When I go in steam to "downloadable content for Arma OA" I can see these games are allready in my libary...
  13. dekster

    Can't play online

    I only use steam for Arma 3 and ofp, not A2. This really shouldn't be happening, it's a big problem... ---------- Post added at 12:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:11 AM ---------- Found this thread, think that's my problem http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?181966-Arma-2-no-servers-showing-up http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameSpy
  14. I've never had problems with arma 2 online, but suddenly I can't play it anymore. I have internet connection and Arma 3 for example goes on the net fine, but in A2, there is a long loading screen and no servers appear at all. A search on the internet gave me folowing suggestions. *run as adminidtrator==>always do *check windows firewall==> no problem *a problem with norton antivirus that was badly uninstalled==> never had norton *reset router==> done that, no solution So, I'm pretty clueless as to what's causing the problem... (OFP also has the same problem.)
  15. dekster

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    I'm not a hardcore player, and often I prefer just playing vanila content and loging onto a public server. This makes me disappointed in Arma 3, the graphic stuff is better, the controls, I don't really know... however, what I really don't like are the sounds and futuristic and unreal content. Arma 2 now looks old graphic wise, but as a game, it was much better as a package, certainly the pre-OA version, I absolutly loved that game. Unlike most people I liked the sounds of Arma 2, compared to Arma 3, they're not as cinema like, but they were very distinctive and it was much easier to locate where the sound is comming from... A game I also found very enjoyable, was the most updated version of IronFront, looked very polished and was a joy to play in multiplayer. Just a pity, practicly no-one plays the game.