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  1. vbr74

    Removal of the 2D Editor

    I approve, please keep the 2D Editor after APEX release, because this is a radical change and we need more time to adapt. Maybe you should remove it later in 2016 but please don't remove it so quickly.
  2. vbr74

    PBO Manager Problem

    @xrushxclan Thanks It's worked for me :).
  3. vbr74


    You made a very nice job guys ! It's now better for everybody that 1REV has crashed, it's let you free to make amazing mod contents, I wish you all the goods things for 2014 ;)
  4. vbr74


    As super says, there is a pre-alpha version, we test inside our team before the public realease, but if you wanna had some poreful experiences with our team and our mods, you can join the french foreign legion ;).
  5. Thanks for adivse, I hope hacking will stop shortly :).
  6. If someone know where the hack script is injected, maybe we can counter strike hackers ...
  7. Hello, our team got a Linux dedicated server (Ubuntu 12.04) and we often play on Arma III Alpha, so i've decided to folow these tutorial. Thanks to the author for these tutorial, it's working amazing after some problems solved by myself with the help of Ubuntu wiki and these tutorials replies :D. So I have succesfully launched the VNC instance with blackbox and succesfully installed Steam too, but at these point when i'm launch steam it's seems working because we can see a "things" that like to be the connexion menu but without any text expect the logo, look the image below with the console running threads : I've read on the wine wiki of ubuntu that is necessary to install news fonts like liberation and tahoma with winetricks, so i've done that but it's seems to had the same problem, maybe one of you had an idea of my problem ? Best Regards, [1REV]Vbr74. Problem solved : Steam must be runned with these followed parameter under wine :
  8. OK I Take this into consideration. Cheers, vbr74. Edit Post : I have applied your method and it's working now ! Thanks ! But I just got an error message about common_init.sqf, I have to reinstall the "warfare mission example package" into my mission folder I think ...
  9. Thank you very much Guess Who for your support ! Now I going to try it, that's the support I needed.
  10. I've find it : http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/how-to-setup-the-arma-ii-warfare-module But Warfare's Location still don't work, I've already seen these page before and that's why I am coming here : for hope to have more informations.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new in the forum, I've recently purchased Arma X Anniversary Edition and that's from few days I try to learn for using the editor, I also remember the Arma II campaign's two lasts missions where the Warfare mode is working and I having try to do the same thing with the editor, so I've builded a base but problem, the spawning location of the commander unit seems to be autogenerate in a flat area for build a base in ther country, but I'd like to start in a custom location for the warafre, like my base and upgrade her with the construction interface : for build defences, got some units already in my command near of my position etc ... Does anyone of you know how to do these ? Greetings, vbr74.