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  1. Emailed AMD support and we will see what they come up with. Been through this issue before and the video card manufactures always point the finger back at the developer. The reality is the card is working incredible with other games. I've also tried Battlefield etc.. and I have huge frame rates at 65-100fps+ in first person shooters that I used just for testing.
  2. Hi guys, I upgraded to a 7970 ATI card and it's one heck of a beast however TOH crashes at the menu after a few mouse clicks. I have tried reinstalling TOH and applying the patch and it has no effect. I know it's not the card because Dirt 3, FSX & Xplane Run Incredibly well! I have tried reinstalling drivers etc.. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. joedreamliner787

    Controller frustrations

    What I do is I use my hotas cougar f-16 stick that I mapped for all the heli controls and I use the 360 controller for doing in game things like moving around for inspections and such. When I hop in the chopper I just go into controls and disable the 360 controller and then re-enable afterwords
  4. joedreamliner787

    Game runs incredibly slow on two computers.

    Alright I finally took the leap! I went out and bought a Nvidia Gforce 560TI card, a 600W power supply and a solid state hard drive and I can fly this game at almost 100% max settings! It's incredible and the GPU is insane. I can keep all settings maxed with just a slight stutter but if I dial down the clouds to normal all is performing at almost 45FPS! Thanks for the help! Took about 500.00 and about an hour for installation but man is it worth it! Thanks Bohemia for an awesome sim!
  5. Hi Huey, May I ask what brand, and size of the hard drive you ordered? Many thanks!!
  6. joedreamliner787

    Game runs incredibly slow on two computers.

    Hi Zentaos, Thank you for posting you specs as well. I do use ultimate defrag and that's exactly what I did which is exactly how I got FSX to run to so smooth. I did drop all the sliders down to a min and I still get about 11FPS. I wonder what type of desktop pc can run this sim at almost 100% max. Thanks again for your advice.
  7. Hi everyone, I purchased this game thinking maybe the demo was slow and that the patches on the full version may increase performance. I can't understand why this game is so sluggish even from the menu screen. I can run FSX, ACS A-10 at almost full setting and get about 27FPS and I noticed the sound is jittery and cuts in and out at the menu as well. I have updated both sound and video drivers and defragmented after installation. I have tried this on two different pcs and I'm having the same issue on both. Any help is greatly appreciated! P.S I have tweaked tje graphic card control properties to no avail. System specs are as follows. Thanks everyone!! GATEWAY Laptop FX Window 7 Ultimate 64bit os GeForce 9800 GTS Cuda 1GB 4GB Ram 2.27GHZ Duo Core Processor (Intel) GATEWAY Desktop DX4200 Window 7 Ultimate 64bit os AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Core 2.20 GHZ 6.00 Ram ATI Radeon HD 3400
  8. joedreamliner787

    Profile For Hotas Cougar??

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I have not had the time to configure it because my work schedule has been extremely busy. I will of course post a joystick file when I have the time to go through a full blown configuration.
  9. Hi Everyone, I just bought this sim and I think it looks fantastic and I'm eager to fly it however I have a Hotas Cougar (F16) flight stick and joystick and I was wondering if anyone has a profile for it? It works great with FSX and some of my other sims. Any help is greatly appreciated! Many thanks!