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  1. when i insert a tank and assign player as commander in ARMA 2: OA v1.60 i can't order him to fire with ctrl+fire or to change to HE by scrolling down w/ the mouse wheel or selecting the gunner by pressing 6. in the OA campaign i can even tell gunners of other vehicles under my command to change to HE by selecting them and pressing 6. I can get around it by going to the gunner seat then returning to the commander seat after running the map after w/c i can control them properly again but its not practical especially when you create multiple tanks. do i have to add some sort of script to fix this? ---------- Post added at 11:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:00 AM ---------- also if i add an enemy tank in front of me the gunner just keeps shooting w/ his machine gun at the tank w/out using the main gun. when i use ctrl+fire to order him to shoot manually it just makes him ceasefire
  2. when i insert a tank or any vehicle with a gunner and commander in editor, i can't command the gunner to change ammo or fire using ctrl+left click like i do in the campaign. in the campaign i can even order the gunner of another tank to change to HE or sabot by selecting him and pressing 6, reload HE/Sabot. I can get around it by entering the gunner seat and then returning to the commander's seat, after returning i can command the gunner the same way i can in the campaign already. but its not practical especially if i create multiple tanks under my command since i have to enter all of their gunner seats. Am I the only one w/ this problem or is it a bug in the game? p.s. i'm using arma 2:OA v1.60(it's definitely original i bought the combined arms set) the tank i used was the M1A2 TUSK