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  1. I am looking for help with finding a way to disable the left mouse button, or to change the use of it, when entering a helicopter. The issue is that I in some of the more advance helo mods, you are clicking on switches in the cockpit to start the helo, configure screens, etc. Just out of muscle memory, occasionally I will hover over the button and left click on it rather than using the provided command (F key for example) or scroll wheel action. When I left click, it fires the weapons of the helo, and I end up with an accidental discharge and killing anyone in front of the aircraft. What I would like to do is be able to have a script or command I can place in any helicopter (or really any vehicle) that disables the left mouse button, or changes the bound function, only when I'm in that vehicle. I fly with a HOTAS setup, so I don't need the left mouse button to fire the guns. I'm hoping to end up with some scripting that could be dropped into the vehicle init that would detect if a player entered the vehicle as the PILOT or COPILOT (door gunners would still use the mouse), then disable or rebind the left mouse button only while in the pilot or copilot seats. When exiting the vehicle or moving to a gunner position, the left mouse button would go back to how it was originally. I am assuming I would somehow have ARMA look at someone entering the vehicle as a pilot or copilot, then use the User Interface Event Handler for 'onMouseButtonClick'', but I am challenged when it comes to scripting in ARMA, so any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Dudley
  2. mrcurry, I just tried it and it worked PERFECTLY! Thanks so much to everyone for the assistance! Dudley
  3. I will give it a try during the week and let you know. Thanks mucho mrcurry!
  4. Still no luck. SP works fine, MP I die as soon as he starts shooting. Here is what I have copied back out of the init field of the player character. I have tried it driving a stock vehicle, RHS truck, and RHS little bird, all with the same results... fine SP, no protection in MP. Is there something I would have to be running or scripting in an init.sqf for this to work in MP or something like that (yes, I'm probably showing my spectacular lack of knowledge in this arena by asking this...)? Even though it isn't working yet... thanks to both of you for continuing to help out.... I greatly appreciate it! this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; if (!isnull objectParent _unit && local _unit) then {0}; }];
  5. Harzach and pierre, Thanks for clarifying that for my Harzach... saw the words but they didn't sink in... So I copied and pasted the lines of code exactly as they were listed above but I still get the same result. SP works perfectly, but dead driver on first contact with the enemy in MP. I tried it in MP directly from the editor, then backed all the way out and tried it from a self hosted MP session.. same results. Here it is copied back out of the init field: this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; if (!isnull objectParent _unit) then {0}; }];
  6. if (isServer) then { this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; if (!isnull objectParent _unit) then {0}; }]; }; Copied right out of your post earlier. What is above I copied right out of the init field of my player character. Not sure why it works for you and not for me... I don't have anything else in the init field for that unit. Any ideas?
  7. Ha! I guess that would be a good idea huh? Had slightly better results... worked in SP, but no go in MP. Bad guy immediately shot me out of a truck cab and a little bird cockpit. Does it make any difference that when I play it in MP I host the game on the same PC I play it on? Dudley
  8. Thanks pierre, But no luck. I pasted that into the init of a vehicle, and I got shot out of the drivers seat right away in MP and SP. I didn't get any error messages or anything at least.... Dudley
  9. Hi all, I am looking for help with what I thought was an easy problem to fix, but so far the solution has eluded me. In a mission I am creating, I am looking for a simple way for any player that is operating as either the driver or gunner in a specific vehicle or vehicles to be invulnerable to weapon damage. But I want them vulnerable again as soon as they exit the vehicle. I am fine if they die if the vehicle is destroyed/shot down. It needs to work in single and multiplayer. In general it will be a helicopter in question, but it may be a special car or truck down the road. I have been trying a few different solutions offered in other posts related to this topic, but I can't find anything that works correctly for me. I would prefer to have something I could place into the init line of the specific vehicle if possible. The latest two tries were: 1) Tried placing this code in the init line, but it doesn't do anything in single player. In multiplayer it did keep the player from taking any damage while in the heli, however the player was still invulnerable after landing and getting out... driver this allowDamage false; 2) I have also tried placing this code in the init field of the player controlled character who I want to be invulnerable while piloting, but it didn't seem to do anything at all in single or MP.... _unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; if (vehicle _unit != _unit) then {0}; }]; I don't want to create a new asset/addon for every vehicle I want this to work with (especially since I don't have a clue where to start with that idea), so unless there is a way to modify the vehicle config file in the editor by script or init line code, I don't know how the vehicle config entry crewVulnerable = 1; is of use to me because I can't find a way to work with it. 3) I tried this just to see if it would work... this set crewVulnerable = 0; but it immediately generated an init error of... this set crewVulnerable |#|=0;}' Error missing ; So no go there. I am the first to say that I really have no skill or talent for script writing in Arma 3, so I rely heavily on finding scripts/code that others have posted and either copied them as is or done very small modifications to them to make them fit my need. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dudley
  10. Me too! I read something where they have incorporated access to the description file into the editor, but I don't see anything specifically calling it out other than possibly some of the stuff in the Attributes>General item.
  11. So, I have Arma 3 up and running in my simpit and have been just LOVING all of the rotary wing flying I've been able to do! I use Gadroc's amazing Helios touch screen software as part of my pit, and it really does make flying some of the more complicated aircraft a lot easier, allowing me to put switch commands as buttons on the touch screen rather than remembering which key combinations do what, especially when trying to hover, sling load cargo, etc. I use it successfully in DCS, IL-2 series, FSX, etc with no issues. My issue is (okay... this particular issue... I have lots! ) is that when using Helios, every time I use the touch screen, it shifts my view and issues the 'fire/hold fire' command in addition to generating the programmed keystroke. I use IR tracker, so having my view all of a sudden get shifted around is annoying. I've double checked calibration of the touch screen to ensure it is only registering on that screen, and that Helios is only sending the single intended keystroke, so something else is going on... I just can't figure out what. Example: I have two simple push buttons set up on the screen for sling loading... ctrl-b for the sling load assistant, and b for attaching/detaching the rope. When I touch the sling load assistant button, Helios does send ctrl-b to the game as the sling load assistant opens in game, but also my view spins around to a random location AND my pilot says 'Fire' or 'Cease Fire' depending on what command was given last. So for some reason, it is sensing the ctrl-b command, plus a left mouse click and a mouse movement?? I could understand if the touch screen was my primary monitor, but for some reason ARMA is sensing the touch on the secondary touch screen even though it doesn't 'own' that secondary monitor. Being that Helios is working fine in all of my other sims, I'm thinking it is something to do with ARMA. If anyone else is using Helios successfully please clue me in to the setup secret so I can stop this ever-so-frustrating issue. Thanks! Dud