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  1. timbee71

    Dynamic Mission

    You may have found these by now, but if not, try them - I enjoy them: Thomsonb's excellent Flashpoint missions (various maps); there's also an MP version (Takistan only) that's worth having (because it gives me the highest FPS of any MP mission I've played) Dragon Zen's AdvancingPower SP missions (various maps); his BlackholeCollider is a further development of earlier work (Zargabad only) and supports both SP and MP. He's also released A3 versions and is an active mission developer (sadly thomsonb hasn't been active for a while). or Shay_gman's MCC Sandbox - this supports SP and MP For the ultimate experience, try running either of the authors' missions with MCC_sandbox also running. I've also found that both authors' work is enhanced by ACE and asr_ai. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  2. timbee71

    A2/A2F/A2OA Tweak Guide

    Interesting factoid about FPS and AI logic, thanks, but guess I'll have to stop patting myself for beating the AI :-(
  3. timbee71

    A2/A2F/A2OA Tweak Guide

    Good suggestion, domokun, thank you. I have been following the tweaks per the link you provide for some time now (principally using PPAA rather than traditional AA), which was why the Nvidia Experience settings surprised me. What you said about transferring CPU calcs to the GPU made sense, so I tried your suggestion (using the ArmA2 Benchmark 01) and got average 30 FPS on both settings, normal and high, but 31 FPS on very high shadow. I also noticed the extra stress kicks the card into boost mode earlier, so I'll be running with your suggestion from now. Sorry for slow reply and thanks again.
  4. timbee71

    A2/A2F/A2OA Tweak Guide

    A big thanks to all the posters of this thread's useful information. My post is for Nvidia users. I have a Gigabyte Geforce GTX680 (rev A2 4096MB GDDR5) which struggles to deliver its potential, because it's hindered by old CPU (Q6600) and memory (DDR2-800). I use Windows' own memory management. I had been using the excellent OC tool from Orbmu2k to push my FPS - the tool has some registry hacks specific to ArmA2OA, but even on a 10% OC setting was only able to achieve 20-30 FPS in multiplayer (spiking to about 80 when things are quiet). I recently discovered Nvidia GeForce Experience software which makes the below game specific changes to the graphics preferences in the Nvidia control panel - these are quite different to those I had picked up from reading the BI Forums (admit I'm not the most thorough of readers) but I'm now enjoying a better image quality and an FPS that is seldom lower than 20 in MP and mostly around 30-35 (spikes over 90): Anisotropic filtering - very high Antialiasing - very high ATOC - all trees and grass Fullscreen - on HDR quality - very high Objects detail - very high PPAA - disabled Resolution - (monitor native) Shadow detail - normal Terrain detail - high Texture detail - very high Video memory - default Visibility - 0 (!) Once in game, I found my profiles reflected these changes - the NE control panel doesn't mention Vsync, which was and still is disabled in the games Video Options, but I also found FSAA/SMAA disabled (which surprised me as I thought these would be the preference over Aniso.filtering and traditional AA). In-game I found the visibility was actually set to 500. I hope this info is useful to some members.
  5. Since I discovered Advancing Power I've become really addicted to your 4F missions, and sincerely thank you for all the fierce fun and hard work you keep giving us. I'm playing ver 1.3 of this and would like to offer the following feedback: 1. I'm facing issues because I get CDF forces mixed up with US forces on BLUFOR: they speak another language (Czech and Russian can sound the same to someone not used to these languages) and use similar equipment to OPFOR and as a consequence I do embarrass myself and TK quite frequently :( I use CO and have BAF, PMC and ACR lite installed - BAF and PMC never show up in the teams though. 2. In AP I would often flank outside the Yellow (i.e., cheated!), so I like the way straying outside Blue/Red/Yellow boxes now results in injury. However I'm finding the setting is a little too aggressive and have even been killed by it (I was already wounded), most often at the end of the mission when I may be close to the OPFOR box, as Yellow can shift quite considerably at that stage. Occasionally, this has also happened when respawning in the BLUFOR area (though I was just wounded not killed). 3. I've noticed when in an M1 that rearming only rearms the main gun and not the commander's machine gun (it took me a while to figure out I needed to exit the vehicle to rearm). I haven't tested enough other units to know whether other vehicles are affected. If you use a 003 special supply and get an MVTR, the ammo is replenished correctly. 4. The role assignment among the team types is an excellent innovation. I noticed in your notes that artillery control is not yet available and hope when you introduce that you will restrict it (perhaps to marksmen?). The existing medic-controlled arty is already heavy enough and reduces the town to rubble over 45 mins, but I have been killed by my own side rather a lot :) Frustratingly, I have also been killed frequently by the (sniper's) special supply box falling on my head - it says I TK'd and killed myself, lol. 5. I run the mission publicly and have found that new players are mostly confused and do not use the mission resources optimally. This is despite the considerable effort you've put into expanding the Map Notes from Advancing Power. If you would like assistance, I can volunteer some English writing skills if you care to PM me. 6. The considerable AI resource demand can also hinder FPS significantly (about -10 fps hit over other MP missions). 7. AI also fails to enter buildings, which on a map like Zargabad is disappointing. Once again, thanks for the magnificent work.
  6. Dragon Zen, thank you for giving so much of your time to the community. I play this mission more than any other. Greetings from Thailand, Bro.