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  1. And is it also available without the Benny Edition? =) I am really wondering... Does everybody play with the Benny Edition? It would be strange if you can´t build aircraft vehicles on a CTI Map without a modded/edited map...? (it works on the classic ARMA 2 Chernarus CTI Map... that is the reason why I am so confused...) Greetings, Alex
  2. Do I have to capture some towns or have some points before I am able to build aircraft vehicles on the Takistan Map? Even if I capture the city near the airport I am not able to build jets/planes... just the helicopters... I am standing in the hangar but the option to buy aircraft vehicles is greyed out... Greetings, Alex
  3. Hello Community! We started to play ARMA 2 / OA / RFT a few months ago and searched the Internet and asked Uncle Google for all our questions, but here are the ones that are left now: (please note that some of the questions can be found via the Internet but no valid answers were given :/ ) - is there any way (besides editing) to buy aircraft vehicles on OA(!) CTI maps? - the same question for BAF (Operation Serpent/Crimson Lance) - are there any possibilities to build different units after some time (like the upgrade function in the "Benny Warfare"?) Regarding Question 1 and 2: It seems to us that there is only the CTI map of Chernarus on which you can claim the airports. That would be sad :( There ARE airports on our Takistan Map (and the both BAF CTI Maps) but they are not conquerable. (no circle on it seen on the map) Greetings, Alex