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  1. Mensur

    TMT Azerbaijan Mod

    All good, hats down, but for God's sake could you add some good sound to that mig-25. I love that jet fighter, but you butchered it with that terrible sound. And its the only one of its kind available for ArmA2. Please update! Thanks!
  2. Mensur

    Need help with system specs.

    Thanks, this might help. ---------- Post added at 04:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:40 PM ---------- I'm noob, how do I do that exactly?
  3. Mensur

    Need help with system specs.

    I currently have this: Intel ( R ) Core (TM ) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30GHz I'm thinkin' to get this: http://pcdirect.com/processors/processors-1150cpu/inso11hcoi7q.html Would it help a great deal? Yay or nay? :\
  4. Mensur

    Need help with system specs.

    I see what both of you are trying to say. But I cant be all specific now, I don't know much except what my PC shows me when I right-click properties on my C drive. Anyway, thing is I'm trying to get a better Processor, but before I do so, I'm looking for some advice. (i.e. is it worth it or not)? I run ARMA 2 on Very High always, and it runs perfectly smooth. I think ARMA3 huge maps just kills my PC.
  5. I currently run ArmA3 on the following: Intel ( R ) Core (TM ) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30GHz RAM: 4GB System type: Windows 7 , 64-bit GeFore GTX 660 It runs okay I guess, however at times it is not smooth as it should be, especially when there is a lot of AI on the map. Are my system specs good enough? What am I missing? Someone please advise. Thanks!
  6. Wow, typhoon, nice. Ever since the Soviets withdrew, Nogova Armed Forces over the years have gotten stronger.
  7. Been trying to figure this out for hours now: I have ARMA 2 CO Retail version. Last night I purchased TKOH Rearmed and Hinds over STEAM. I want my Addons from the retail version of ARMA 2 CO to work with TKOH, how do I do it? There is no "target line" with the Steam version of TKOH exe. Yes I spent time here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Take_On_Helicopters_-_Rearmed Call me noob, but I still don't get it. Where exactly do I place this "-mod=c:\path\to\Arma2;c:\path\to\Arrowhead;c:\path\to\Arrowhead\Expansion;c:\path\to\TKOH;Rearmed" ??? In the STEAM launch options for the game or where? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  8. Hi, I need skilled SU-27/Su-30 pilots for an upcoming ARMA 2 CO air-show movie that I'm gonna be filming. Volunteers need to be skilled and serious, and have to have the latest version of ACE. Please no noobs! RESPOND A.S.A.P! Thank you.
  9. I have been recently getting some FPS problems when playing Domination 2 on Multi-Player, my specs are good for this game, I have had no problems in the past, it ran smooth. However, recently installed Reinforcements, I'm thinking, would that have to do anything with it? But then again, when I go into Single-Player, everything is fine, even if i put 150 units against one another. Can anyone help? It is really annoying, I reinstalled my graphics card, defraged, did it all, nothing really seems to solve the issue. Thanks.
  10. Yeaa, I tried that already, to no avail though.:j: Dont know how to modify, I'm really a noob when it comes to scripting. : \
  11. Maybe not. Thats for ArmA 1 dude. You're in the wrong section.
  12. Nah, thats not it, I got that, its cool, but not it.
  13. Does anyone know if there is an addon available where the missile is guided by the camera to its target. Much like in this video: I found this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6722 But it does not work, must be out of date, because when I'm actually playing the mission, the command keys for weapons toggle are stuck.