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  1. Hi I have been contemplating getting getting a 2560x1080 wide screen to play Arma 3. Is this supported? Worth the investment or not? Any feedback welcome. Cheeers Huey
  2. I bought Operation Arrow Head and loaded it onto my machine - when I open up TOH now I get the two error messages shown below.............solutions on a postcard please. Thank you for any help supplied No entry 'config.bin/CfgIngameUI/MPTTable.shadow'. THEN Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0
  3. Thanks for the feedback DNA. Appreciated. It's defiantly more of a sensitivity issue rather than a complete failure. If I raise the collective the ship will take off but the power margin seems really low. As soon as I make a turn there is not enough power to keep altitude. I checked the dead zones but will recheck them and feedback. HUEY22
  4. Sorry all at BI but Im not totally convinced that 'Cougar' is totally finished. Im using the Saiteck x52 and CH Pro pedals. Updated to 'Cougar' last Saturday and then sat down to enjoy the new and improved flight modelling. After being a good armchair pilot and checking all settings across the board I went into free flight and as the heli comes up on screen I put some collective in at which point the bird just sank to the ground and crashes. I then rechecked all settings and set off again. To condense 4 evenings of fiddling into a nutshell the collective seems to have no authority. It doesnt matter if Im free flight, time trials or editor the collective now seems under powered. Checked all settings then checked them again. Cant fix this bug. Reinstalled everything from disk again last night up to the previous patch and will remain there until the bugs are ironed out. Anyone else having issues with Saiteck X52? HUEY22
  5. If you bought your copy of TOH from Amazon like me don't forget to give the game, and BI some positive feedback on the reviews section. They deserve it and it might help them shift a few more copies. Im off to straff some militia in my 'little bird' Cheers HUEY 22
  6. Glad you got it sorted fella. HUEY22
  7. When flying missions in editor a small empty square pops up on the screen when enemy vehicles are close, just before they open fire then it fades away. It happens in both beginner and expert profiles. If anyone can let me know how I get rid of it, it would be much appreciated. Cheers HUEY22
  8. Thanks for the tip fella. I will experiment tonight. Huey22
  9. Before TOH I got my helicopter fix via Xplane. After returning to Xplane last night the one thing that I really noticed is how well they have modelled additional yaw as you pull more pitch. You have to put in more pedal to keep the ship stable. Like wise when you reduce collective you must use pedal input to stabilise the heli. Within the next patch it would be a great addition if TOH can build this factor into the flight model. Really adds an extra dimension of realism to the sim. On the horizon Bohemia team? HUEY22
  10. HUEY22

    What city next?

    Low level down the canals. Nice.
  11. Hello. I got a 120gig from Crucial. Works a treat. Happy flying. Huey22
  12. One of the best bits of TOH is ripping round the high rise biuldings in Seattle. Unless winning the lottery comes any time soon its probably the closest any of us will come to doing it it real life and feeling a bit '007'. With that in mind another city would be very well received if possible. London, Newe York, Sydney - just another place to fly around and forget about normal daily life for an hour. Happy days. Whats in the pipline Bohemia? HUEY22
  13. I have now been running the SSD every night and not one stutter. The drive was the weakest link without a doubt. If anyone is having stutter lag issues with TOH i would recommend upgrading. I found the link below very helpful. http://www.geforce.com/Optimize/Guides/how-to-get-rid-of-lag-guide Im sure if you contact the BI guys they will give you a solution re how to manage your steam challenge. They seem like a helpful bunch. Also - i bought my PC from PC Specialists. They all new what they were talking about. Service was fantastic. Cant rate them enough. HUEY22
  14. HUEY22

    T.O.H. and multi screens

    Thanks for the update. I am concidering 3 screens myself so any more news welcome. Happy flying frenchie :-) HUEY22
  15. Good evening all and Happy Friday, I upgraded to an SSD drive and not a stutter in sight over the last 4 hours so thank you very much Zipper 5 for the tip. I can fully love this game now. Thanks for your time and effort to all at Bohemia Interactive. You have made this helicoipter nut very happy. Cheers HUEY22