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  1. alpha-kilo said, that flecktarn is correct. That's why I posted it again.
  2. Not Flecktarn! Flectar-D! http://www.kamouflage.net/camouflage/00216.php
  3. I'm sorry, but this camo is called Flecktar-D or Sever or Tochka-1, but not Flectarn-D, and it's a copy of danish Pletsloring camo, not an exact german Flecktarn.
  4. Guys, keep it up! Awesome work! Парни, так держать! Ох*енно!
  5. andrewmarley

    Chechen Rebels

    I think BTR-60PB must be replaced with BTR-70 just because BTR-60 was never used in Chechnya by russians.