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  1. I'm sorry but you misunderstood my sentence... I speak my text into my phone. I said the arma 3 poster was compared to a similar looking one that was released for call of duty or maybe it was Medal of Honor... I couldn't say for sure because those games all look the same to me. I saw it was months ago on A3 Facebook page, go check the image page for yourself. Ofp had some really cool players who could crack jokes and insults at each other and also take their... I'm not surprised you don't understand anything I said here.... And I really don't care enough to continue with it. And for the record, disagreeing with opinions is not Flamebaiting.... what world do you live in kid? You only talk to people who agree with you and your ideas? Im really surprised at the attitude of some of the members and their comments... I honestly expected a more mature forum community for Bohemia. back on topic... warZ idea stolen from dayZ.... I think competition is good and may the best game win... Trees grow big in colorado...lol
  2. DurbanPoison_VoD

    Rather unethical warfare

    who moderates the rouge moderator? I didn't see that part listed in the rules- could you clarify for us or would that be considered challenging your authority? I've received 2 infractions already that seemed a little hasty and heavy handed, so that's why I asked question...
  3. DurbanPoison_VoD

    PvsP high command

    great! thank you R~
  4. I was referring to CC not arma and the the comment regarding the marketing rip of had to do with an arma3 poster that look exactly like a COD 1... it has some bearded Special Forces jackass on the cover... the Facebook comments pointed this out as well. you fanboys need to stop acting like arma is your mother... it's a game people. getting so butthurt hurt so easily give this game a bad name. man up already.
  5. I understand there are work-arounds and don't get me wrong, im happy to have a new faction to play. My point was simply that the game is clearly mucked up and was obviously poorly planned/executed... There are still afghan items kicking it in the editor... it seems like a rushed production to me. The dlc also rushed missing items and kinda bare all in all.
  6. I didn't say that, you think bis is not wanting more gamers and thier $$? Get a clue. What, was promised and what was delivered we're to different things.
  7. I like IF... but the way they have handled this reminds me of the bickering between codemasters and Bohemia back in the day. now considering that the West fraction is german and Allied/Resistance is west lol... I'm not at all surprised they forgot to include the American static guns!... well whatever, I love ofp/arma and will support games like it, bugs and all
  8. DurbanPoison_VoD

    PvsP high command

    You'd think this would be a commonly asked question... :what:
  9. J Bohemia has also tried to market arma3 ripping off COD/MOA style branding so they deserve a taste of it. I love that new cod is set just a little in the future... You know that's gotta annoy bis lol :banghead: ...and how to make a quick buck? Oh that's easy! ....
  10. Quiet lame indeed... I bought dlc to support the devs... Kinda shocked they released it missing critical info like strategic/static weapons :( especially considering they hold such tight control over modding. Also very disappointed they didn't included better D'Day sea vessels or defensive german bunkers. still loving the game tho :D... I trust they'll fix this with a patch or something :)
  11. Hello, I've just discovered high command feature and made an east vs west multiplayer mission with both east and west commanders, and all the appropriate modules/syncs... but when played online only one player has the ability to access the HC menu :( Are 2 commanders possible in multiplayer with high command feature?
  12. DurbanPoison_VoD

    Rather unethical warfare

    and I thought the infraction I got was serious! :rolleyes:
  13. DurbanPoison_VoD

    Rather unethical warfare

    I'm always in trouble :(
  14. DurbanPoison_VoD

    Rather unethical warfare

    I thought the gay bomb was one of the better suggestions so far. Just because it's not your preference doesn't make it any less valid than any other idea suggested in this thread. So I guess you better write me up aswell for having an opinion and sense of humor.... Jeez. Oh and technically spam would be: Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb Gaybomb etc. Just saying.