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  1. amx225

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Can anyone make a list of maps/islands only for Arma 2 OA which dont require Arma 2.
  2. How should one create new infantry units with new uniform textures?
  3. amx225

    How to create units?

    How do modders create their own .p3d model files (for infantry) and add uniform textures to them?
  4. You can place an AI infantry group and place this code in the team leader's init - grp1 = group this;{_x setunitPos "UP"} foreach units grp1;{_x setBehaviour "COMBAT"} foreach units grp1; For many infantry groups name them as grp2, grp3, grp4.....etc. and use same code written as above.
  5. Hello , do you have plans to make a vietnam-era aircraft carrier for unsung mod's naval jets? http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VA/Attack-Squadron-37-Dateien/image104.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/F-4B_of_VF-114_landing_on_USS_Kitty_Hawk_%28CVA-63%29_in_March_1969.jpg http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/aircraft/McDonnell-Phantom/IMAGES/McDonnell-Douglas-F4-Phantom-Launch.jpg
  6. I think there should be throttle controls to control airspeed for aircrafts and helicopters in arma 2 co similar to flight sim games because it is difficult to control and limit speed of an aircraft or helicopter in the game (i.e Q and Z keys), therefore it would be usefull for landing a plane without autopilot on aircraft carrier or airstrip and for gaining maximum speed quickly (e.g. gaining altitude to make evasive maneuvers). The aircraft speed throttle could be set according to engine thrust percentage.Such a system could be implemented for helicopters in the game, then it would be easier to land or hover helicopters without damaging them and will also be suited to propeller planes as well e.g. ww2 aircraft.Throttle controls will also give ability to fly aircraft/helicopters at constant speed and realistic flight simulation in the game or it could be made into a realistic flight mod.
  7. amx225

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    Hello, will you be adding Mirage 2000, F-14 Tomcat to this mod?
  8. Which is the best Vietnam War FPS?
  9. Are the mod developers gonna add new aircraft like J-11 air superiority fighter, H-6 badger bomber/air refueller to this mod.
  10. amx225

    MiG-23ML (MLD, UB) WIP

    Any new update about MIG-23UB,MIG-27 flogger-D version.
  11. amx225

    Best Vietnam War FPS?

    What are ur favourite missions in vietcong 1 & 2? and have u played singleplayer campaign of Men of Valor pc game it also has similar gameplay and many maps.
  12. Will the supersonic F-5 Tiger, F-111 aardvark be included in the new version? http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/48/unf5acargadoconbombasde.jpg http://www.aviationsmilitaires.net/pictures/pictures/F-5C_sudvietnamien.jpg http://www.ausairpower.net/USAF/F-111F-Pave-Tack-USAF.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/59/428th_Tactical_Fighter_Squadron_Combat_Lancer_F-111A_over_Southeast_Asia_1968.jpg
  13. amx225

    ACE for OA 1.13

    In ace mod v1.13 for oa standalone there is error-"cannot open object ca\air\mk82.p3d" if a-10 is selected. and the ccrp feature is missing in HUD,there are only lo/hi gau-8 sights in a-10.
  14. amx225

    ACE for OA 1.13

    How is the CCIP/CCRP HUD display enabled in ace mod v1.13?
  15. Are you saying this issue (https://dev.withsix.com/issues/46056) is already fixed?
  16. Can this issue be fixed in patch or mod cos freefall mk82 or fab-250 act like guided weapons in the game. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/46056
  17. While the target tab lock system in jets is used to detect air/ground targets in radar HUD,is it possible to configure freefall Mk82 or FAB-250 to be inaccurate like unguided rockets to make air missions realistic in the mod.
  18. Will the new jets in the mod feature/carry smart weapons since they had made their combat debut in vietnam war.
  19. I think there should be a new advanced town construction module for arma 2 oa in which one can not only create cities but also create bridges,lakes,rivers,sea ports,airfields and even generate vegetation,trees,forests like in a 3d map editor to make new custom maps.
  20. I think map making is very complex so it would be helpful if there are sample terrains for creating custom made maps and an advanced construction module to use in basic game editor.
  21. amx225

    ACE for OA 1.13

    The ace mod v.1.13 with cba in arma 2 oa standalone is showing a error -No Entry .'modelOptics'. whenever trying to preview a unit or vehicle in mission editor, so is there any fix for this error.
  22. amx225

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Are there any large maps for I44 mod?
  23. amx225

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Are there any european maps for urban/infantry/tank warfare like for example fictional cold war scenarios.
  24. amx225

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Are there any best maps for tank/armoured warfare?