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  1. Hello all... Reporting back in after quite a while away from this game (real life interfering, computer breakdowns etc etc). What I noticed when flying again was that the choppers didnt behave at all as I remember them doing? Now Im flying straight from the STEAM install without no mods or alterations to the flight dynamics. I remember modding something about the FD the last time which made the flying more enjoyable. Now it feels like the chopper (esp the light ones) behave like a RC helicopter. So, the question is. Is there some solution to this or are everyone happy with the way the game works?
  2. Was out flying around Seattle yesterday evening... Made a drop-off of my passenger on top of the Space Needle. Picture from cockpit as I´m closing in on the Needle for the pick-up off my passenger http://www.flickr.com/photos/74817421@N05/6735034971/ The plan was to make a quick touch & go to let him get aboard the bird again. What happened next was that I did, what I think, quite a nice landing on the catwalk around the Needle. But before I could react the chopper was thrown sideways by wind (or by bad pilot inputs) and my fellow companion got an unwanted close contact with my tail rotor... RIP The chopper´s rotor hit the roof of the building and shattered. I managed to get out before it crashed but was stranded on top of the Space Needle myself. Nothing more to do than sit down, relax and have a smoke and wait for someone to pick me up... http://www.flickr.com/photos/74817421@N05/6735035189/ Nice view from up here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/74817421@N05/6735035067/ After a while when I realized that no one was coming for my rescue (guess my "friend" was a little pissed off after I chopped him to pieces) I did the only thing I could do -a BASE jump... Too bad I forgot the parachute.... End of story...
  3. When playing a multiplayer game and checking the other players info I sometimes see that they have more data displayed than their IP-number and such. I´ve seen some people have pictures, badges and text under their player info. How to do this? Does it have something to do with the "Squad URL" under the "Player Profile" setting in game?
  4. Tias

    Damn this game...

    Cool... Another thing -if you land on a stationary ship you only have a few seconds before the heli falls through the deck and crashes. Is this the same problem? Looking forward seeing the updated CTS mission. Job well done!
  5. ... causing me to lose much needed sleep. Was sitting up yesterday evening for a short tour around Seattle in "capture the ships". It all ended at 02:30ish when I had to force myself to bed. I fell asleep maybe 30-40 minutes later after my head stopped spinning... The thing is with this game is that you dont really do anything in game. Yesterday we were just cruising around, having rendezvous around the map with other players joining each others choppers. Was stuck on top of a buildning in downtown Seattle waiting for pickup that never came (you get really tired of playing hide and seek on a rooftop after a while). I dont dare to think about how addictive this game will be in the future after some more modding and more multiplayer missions. But I cant wait! So, on friday evening I guess Ill go flying with expert setting again. It seems like I need the help of Mr Johnnie Walker to counteract the induced rolling and banking movements... Fly safe. /Tias
  6. Im looking forward playing this game when the multiplaying part gets up for real. Played an hour or so yesterday with one other guy for the first time, trying to understand how everything works (or dont work). Had a really good time!
  7. Thanks! Now I have to start practicing again, just got the hang of flying (trainee) without any XML-patches...