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  1. BlueWolf

    Is Arma III gonna shape up?

    perhaps you are the one who needs to try something else to compare this nightmare to? Happy News.. Finally some Arma competition is out there you may want to have a serious look.. as for my preferences I have changed over & finally can say arma 2 series is henceforth deleted & banned from my computer. DCS: Combined Arms Preview
  2. BlueWolf

    Is Arma III gonna shape up?

    I get ridiculous lag in single player..not just mp though we are talking blastcore SFX FX Warmods so.. I would pick well textured low poly box modeled buildings vs super detailed unplayable skipLag 'any day'
  3. BlueWolf

    Is Arma III gonna shape up?

    They need to do more without getting nasty about it 1) Hire NewTech Programmers for the Development team & let go some of the old ones (they have the money ) 2) Separate The Development Team from Administrators (period) 3) Re Design & Re Organize a Better Suitable Less Clutter Packed File System addons + Expansion + Mods = too much unnecessary file space for what the end results are worth. 4) A New Re Design and Enhanced Graphical Engine ..Not re build on top of the old one! as times & technology changes so should arma. Until They get the Engine & Graphics to be less rat infested with buggy Quirks and Un Acceptable Lag Prone Game Play I will wait for arma 5 vs forking out money for the same damn thing with a few fixes. This is what I expect to pay good money for ..good crisp lag free quality gameplay taken from the sim DCS A-10... so add some Tank & Infantry in a quality FPS!
  4. getting the same problem my drivers are all up to date and steam is banned from my pc so that's not the issue My Issue: Arma2 CO + Reinforcements runs fine by itself but when I try using spirited machine mod launcher I get failed to initialize 3d engine or Error message: compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0 everything worked fine before installing the new 162 patch <edit> Found the issue it's not the launcher or the patch but the mod patch fix I was using okt_noBlur_OA_retail_1.60 -disabled it & works fine guess we will have to wait for a okt_noBlur_OA_retail_1.62 patch now </edit>
  5. BlueWolf

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    I do not support user agreements that say it's ok to dig threw my garbage while I play games.
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to find the correct information and of course would appreciate the info. Is this the correct place to send legitimate complaints? Bohemia Interactive Stribrna Lhota 747 Mnisek pod Brdy Czech Republic 25210 Telephone: +420 318 581 368 Fax: +420 318 590 334 http://www.bistudio.com my guess is they go from mailbox -straight in->garbage pale but doesn't hurt to try.
  7. BlueWolf

    Why is it bugged as hell ?

    arma2 free is the uber light version released only as a try before you buy preview version- support as far as bug fixes, patches, and updates are only for the retail copy version. so basically if you like it, ..buy it and you will receive update support. though, you may as well wait for Arma3
  8. what kind of a comment is that? what is with you people.. I can model3d very well in milkshape or lightwave 3d -I do not have the time to relearn yet another 3d software like oxygen2 being that I cant simply convert .3ds or .obj because the of the 3d format.. I can hold my own in syntax scripting xml -I do not have the time to learn all about scripting in arma2. is that what you meant ? that I can't ? *sigh* wtvr kiddo
  9. I have tried coming up with an idea for a mod that I would really enjoy playing as an old school player I remember playing X-COM: UFO Defense back in the day and how creepy it was then imagined how much more fun & creepy it might be to play such a mod for Arma2. the way I would imagine it would be as close to the old game as possible. Alien UFO craft carrying little Grey aliens with big eyes invade towns and cities, They Run freely around the woods at night armed with plasma rifles while US West Troops start out at first with our modern weapons & vehicles that seem to be outclassed when compared to facing the alien raced onslaught. Soldiers West can obtain technology from the aliens from dead corpses & captured UFO craft then take it back to base for reverse engineering research. eventually upgrading their own weapons to be able to manufacture & reproduce to match the aliens. research takes time ..and meanwhile the little Grey aliens start killing innocent civilians in the citys & towns. you must protect earth at all costs! once a plasma rifle is researched you have to capture alien craft to obtain alien alloys to reproduce the new weapons with.. that takes a team effort because normally alien ufo's are well guarded.. and you need a pickup truck to load it into the cargo ...next you research plasma grenades for Bigger Booms. ships come in small to large sizes and the larger the catch the larger the Alloy bounty =the harder it is to capture. I would love to create it myself but I simply do not have the time so I am hoping one of you catches onto the idea and runs with it! helpful links: http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Weapons
  10. my Christmas/birthday wish list 1) more realistically zoom enabled abilities dealing with AR Scopes power X3 especially the Eotec - I hate squinting it hurts my eyes. 2) AI that don't seem to run around carelessly -when defaulted at the lowest possible skills like placing a unit troop in the editor = stupidness. 3) please change the voices so they don't sound like robots or skip ..what is your location? ..what is your location? what is your location? 4) players should be notified when their pilots eject 'g.. we seem to be dropping rapidly', what is he doi..((BoOM)) rearm / repeat 5) more editor modules with different things todo besides warfare & secops like patrols or add in armory missions or something. 6) please, I beg you no more purposely broken gun code Aim bobin all over the screen -this is a total game killer. So an optional Aim difficulty setting switch on/off and not hardcoded. recoil / bullet drop adjustable for offline funsake playmodes.
  11. BlueWolf

    AI Improvement

    +1 what he said.
  12. BlueWolf

    Aiming Accuracy in Arma 3

    If that's some sort of flame bait -derogatory statement insinuating that I am somehow contradicting myself on the same issue.. 1) bf3 & cod and console games are not fun for me = lost interest =same thing. 2) that was posted in a separate thread dealing with an entirely separate issue so stop back post/stalk trolling dude. I stick with my original choice.. aiming should be simplistic for arma 3 as a medium for those gungho players who enjoy fighting with broken guns against AI snipers who can see threw grass I suggest an optional switch on/off in the difficulty settings under AIM Difficulty Settings. this way depending on the individual they can play how they want and have the optional choice. not hardcoded. <edit> It would be super also if the Devs would consider adding an adjustment setting under the same Aim Difficulty Settings for bullet drop, and weapon recoil adjustment. can't tell you how many you tube vids I have watched noticing saws or hmg's with no recoil leaving me wonder what mod it was & where I could get it.. just for fun sake.</edit>
  13. @spotter LMFaO I think he means grass only, AI can't see threw bushes watch this test video: kAetUEISzt8 ... All this time I have been playing & fiddling with settings THIS is what I missed. Thanks !
  14. trying to seriously help you by saying..never use steam buy the pc disk or direct to drive. it will save you all kinds of hassles & privacy issues.
  15. BlueWolf

    Patrol Operations 2

    thanks for the hard work *YoInK* edit: can I suggest adding a trigger from the blog link below so we can switch play between all teammates set as the leader? trigger http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2011/04/arma-2-old-dog-new-tricks-be-every.html