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  1. Yeah, I tried that mod but wasn't happy with the results. (Which is not meant as a slam on the mod designer! A *lot* of work went into it and it delivers what it promises.) I guess that I could shuffle back and forth between islands until I'm able to afford better weapons to take on the deadly islands. Doing that isn't very fun and it eats the small amount of gaming time that I have. I haven't played CC:GM in months. I used to have a lot of fun playing it, but not any more. I don't even think about playing it, so double-thumbs-up BI; you pissed off a customer that used to really enjoy the game. Of course, I've already paid for it so there's no economic advantage for them to make me happy but I wonder who the hell asked for them to add that? Rhetorical question. I'll probably delete the link to here in my browser and ignore the game in my steam library. Good luck for the rest of you. If you are enjoying the game the way it is now, good for you. (no sarcasm)
  2. And here we are at almost in September and I haven't played CC:GM since March all due to the last beta patch with the respawning carrier. Good job. I used to play it all the time and thought it was fun.
  3. I think your memory is better than mine. All these points ring a bell. While it didn't take long for a Command Center to be built, it did take a measurable amount of time. It also took a while for the other artifacts on the island to be built/rebuilt since tear-down started as soon as the old command center blew up. (Which was really neat, since you could watch all that happening from a parked walrus on the island.) ---------- Post added at 09:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 PM ---------- Oh, and I haven't played CC:GM since my post on the 20th of last month. Nor will I until the next patch is pushed onto Steam.
  4. Well, part of that was due to the way resupply worked in the original. In the original, you had to be within a near radius of a friendly island to get resupply. I believe (but could be wrong) that the friendly island had to be connected to the stockpile island to be a valid supply source for the carrier. The same constraint appeared to apply to the enemy carrier. So you could draw the enemy carrier deep into your half of the island network, take over/destroy an island far away that breaks the supply chain, and starve the bastard. The enemy could also do that to you, but I don't think the AI back then was clever enough to plan for that. It did mean that you had to be careful when you attacked an island to ensure that you had sufficient resources to make it back to a supply island if the attack failed. Plus if you were short on supplies when you attacked, you really wanted to take over the island versus destroy the command center since that would allow you resupply immediately after takeover versus having to wait for the new command center to come on-line. Or so I remember it. :)
  5. And that's cool. Like I wrote, I don't mind that the carrier re-spawn is the default behavior. Some people live to beat up the enemy carrier. I do mind that I can't turn it off. Now, if the long-range telemetry pods from the original along with the ability for Mantas to land on friendly islands to re-fuel were introduced to the game, I might also live to beat up the enemy carrier. But if you want scenarios to be harder, then it would make more sense (well, to me) for all the enemy held islands to switch over to become defense islands after the carrier is sunk versus re-spawning the silly thing. It's not like there is a carrier to supply any more in that case. You could also argue that the island defenders could expand their reaction radii to encompass the entire island and to send all ground vehicles to any location where the island detects 4 walruses. Both against humans and the AI.
  6. I thought the "let the enemy carrier teleport away when it's been beaten up too badly" to be a steaming pile of excrement in the campaign game and didn't comment about it since that didn't happen in the non-campaign game. I just played a non-campaign game with the latest patch (1_07_0025) and I'd like to know what idiot thought that it was a wonderful idea to bring that crap into the non-campaign games? Please allow me to turn that bullshit off or I will never play this again. I do NOT want effing enemy carrier re-spawn. EVER. Maybe someone else does so you can leave it as a default, but I had better be able to turn that crap off outside of the campaign game. That is NOTHING like the original. NOTHING.
  7. RichardCranium


    As far as I can tell, as soon as you arrive at another island any island that you've left is now back up to full strength. As long as you are at any given enemy island, nothing is repaired on it.
  8. RichardCranium

    1.07 beta

    What I've noticed about walrus fuel levels is that if... you launch a walrus at an island dock it back onto the carrier move the carrier launch the walrus ...then the walrus's fuel level will drop as soon as it hits the water. The amount of the drop appears to have some relationship on how far you move the carrier. Other things that I've seen are... I've noticed that the walruses in aggressive mode will still lock onto things but not shoot at them, even when other enemy units are shooting and hitting them. I've seen this with missile and flak armed walruses against ground targets. They will happily blow things out of the sky. The carrier has no idea how to use the bow gun when it fires shells. None. It attempts to use the plasma cannon solutions when targeting, especially when shooting at aircraft. I've lost several walruses that way when the carrier shells its own forces. Please change the carrier to stop firing the bow cannon at aircraft when it doesn't have a plasma cannon mounted there. The Vulcan map appears to be offset. Units on the map in a certain location appear to be some distance to the east when you use the map view there. Things that I'd like to see: If the scout drone is launched, I'd like all the weapons views have a picture-in-picture of what the drone sees in the upper right corner. There's no way to tell where the carrier/walrus howitzer shells are landing without it. Walrus formations. Nothing super fancy. Column, line, or wedge will do for me. You can hard code which walrus is in what position for each formation as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Yeah, I had noticed that as long as you did not approach another island close enough to see its vehicles, the last one that you had visited was in pretty much the same state. (I mean, how long can a recon drone hover on a basic load of fuel?) In one game that I had played, two islands were close enough that I could fly my recon drone from one island to the other. Which, of course, I did. When the drone reached the location on the strategic map where the other island was supposed to be, there was nothing but sea. I honestly don't remember what happened when my carrier showed up, but... 1. It didn't leave me with an working recon drone. 2. I decided to never bother doing that again. So, I won't claim that anything bad happened, but it certainly wasn't worth the effort.
  10. This thread implies that MP is better supported by the underlying framework than I had thought.
  11. RichardCranium

    Bugged walrus

    With the last beta patch, they would stare at the target for a short time and then attempt to move to be able to engage it. Well, unless it's one of those machine guns sitting over the gate to a compound. The walruses will stare at those puppies all day long or until those turrets finally chew through the walrus's armor (then the walrus blows up).
  12. That would probably require a redesign from the ground up to a certain level that you wouldn't see. And that work would not make the game any more appealing to me, personally, since I have no interest in MP.
  13. I do like your suggestion about the bomb sight. At the moment, the bomb sight is useless; it doesn't provide any information about where the bomb is going to land. That was semi-acceptable in the original since the bomb there would bounce on the ground, spitting out bomblets with each bounce, until it hit something or bounced too many times.
  14. The current behavior is realistic. The German 88mm AT gun from WWII fame started as a 88mm AA gun. The Quad-50 used in the Korean War started off as an AA gun.
  15. RichardCranium

    Torpedoes are broken

    Well, flying mantas into the enemy carrier after firing all of your missiles at it was a preferred tactic in the original game. :)