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  1. greywolf907

    Random tasks\objectives

    Hey Shock simple question I'm sure you can answer faster than me trying to figure it out. How can I make the AO's have a colored circle marker around them when they spawn so they are easy to see and of course delete with the AO when completed? Also the secondary objective auto assigns instead of the primary objective is there a better way to set that part up so that the primary always is assigned as main target and secondary is still marked within the AO's area?
  2. That works , sorry I thought that if I selected a blufor or anyone as present it would fire if any unit entered the trigger area but tested and it only fires when the ghosthawk is present thanks.
  3. Yea no joy am I missing something here? I added that into the condition for trigger setup a hint to show it's working but it wont fire. Tried AI flying it through the area, spawning in a supply drop, and flying it in myself.
  4. I need some help with how to make this work trying to have a Ghosthawk enter the trigger area and it will fire the trigger but need it to do it with the vehicle classname?
  5. greywolf907


    Thanks that seemed to have fixed the problem I guess I had that line for the vehicle groups and not the foot patrols. Any idea how to make the vehicles use better pathfinding through towns so they don't run into things and get stuck or damaged?
  6. I modified my mission to play on Tanoa it uses BIS_fnc_spawnGroup to populate random AO's on the island but I am having issues with enemy units spawning into rocks and empty structures then they get trapped inside of them. How can you keep units from spawning into empty objects?
  7. greywolf907

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Well it's unrealistic in real life if your moving through a enemy controlled town you will have to worry about every structure and window for CQB just like in Altis thats what makes it fun and exciting. Now we have these fake box buildings again that you can't enter it is a step back and not forward. Everyone has their own idea of how they like to play arma for me it's about getting as close to the real deal as possible and playing in a realistic MilSim environment and fake box buildings that you can't enter is not realistic.
  8. greywolf907

    Random tasks\objectives

    Hey thanks for response I was still getting an error but sorted it out with adding a line into my init.sqf air assets are back up and running Thanks.
  9. greywolf907

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Well that was a major bound forward with Arma 3 enterable structures now we are back stepping to the days of Arma 2 hate to see that. I for one like having the realistic option to enter a structure for cover or a firing position and also with certain AI mods have the enemy enter the building and come in after you. These towns are not that big like a few on Altis to cause any major performance hit.
  10. greywolf907

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Can we please have an attachable IR strobe for infantry without having to use a mod! This is a simple item that has been needed for a long time for night ops.
  11. greywolf907

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Yeah for sure don't see why most of the buildings are not enterable hopefully it's just being worked on for release date I was disappointed when I explored the larger towns.
  12. greywolf907

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Good catch on the CTRG patch Bis must be leaning towards something along those lines in the new campaign story line I would think. I still would like to see a US specific TIER 1 unit within Apex full release:)
  13. greywolf907

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    BIS will fine tune everything with Apex in time it's a new release. And no I wouldn't just throw out that the modding community have made mods like the Nimitz Etc as a comparison to official units released by BIS. But that's what I'm saying I have been playing the Arma series since Operation Flashpoint came in the huge PC box they have made exceptional progress and in the near future it would be awesome to see a working official BIS made Navy added into Arma it only makes sense to progress the leaps made with the water now being fully utilized.
  14. greywolf907

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Yes TIER 1 are the top echelon multinational Units but the question still remains where is the US TIER 1 Unit for Arma 3 as the CSAT now have Viper and The UK have CTRG?
  15. greywolf907

    Apex Gear Feedback

    CTRG is a UKSF Unit I am talking about the US Special Forces where is their elite TIER 1 Operators like the other factions have?