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  1. I had the same problem. The key layout in this game is somewhat weird to say the least. There is no fire command for the helo itself, but you have to assign the fire command within the "infantry" section. Because firing is somethign the pilot does himself and the pilot is part of the "Infantry".
  2. The density of the objects displayed within the view distance also changes when raising the detail level!!! That's what i don't like. Changing the detail should change the number of objects at all. Second point is, that i can't select default video memory and very high texture detail. It used to work but since the patch, both settings are always equal!! When i set my memory usage to default, the texture detail is default too. Rasing the texture detail also raises the memory usage. No idea why but that's whats happening. Here are my system specs: _________________________ Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450, 4x 2.66 GHz, 12 MB L2 Cache Total, 1.333 MHz FSB, 45 nm (@ 3.62 Ghz) ASUS P5QC, P45 chipset, FSB 1.600 MHz ASUS Silent Knight II CPU Cooler PALIT GTX570, 1.280 MB DDR5 RAM, PCIe, dual DVI/HDMI TOSHIBA 37" LCD Win 7 Home Pro 64bit 240 GB Corsair SSD Force Series 3 Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality Gamer 2x4GB GEIL DDR3 Value RAM ANTEC PSU 750W TrackIR3 Pro HOTAS Cougar with "Uber NxT" gimbal mod SIMPED F-16 Pedals SAITEK Throttle Quadrant pair of leather gloves
  3. Same problem here. The beta was stable. Now i have the full version with the patch and i get constant crashes. Problem with the video settings is, that texture detail now also changes the memory useage. I always use very high for the textures and with the patch, you also have the memory useage set to very high. You have no choice. It also sucks, that the object detail level is linked to the number of object displayed. I would like to see two different ioptions for that, like in all other flightsim games. The object density dramaticly influences the fps rate. But i'd like to have a lower densitiy with max detail. But thats not possible in this game.
  4. JohnBanks

    Wont Install Either

    I did.. It didn't work. I still had CRC errors but with different files. I tried something else which finally worked. I lowered my overclocking to almost default values and used the auto swapfile. I have read that suggestions in another thread. A guy wrote that the installer for ARMA is a shitty as this one here and that he always has lower the clocking. And that really worked. I could install via DVD. Only problem now is, that with the new patch, the game constantly crashes which the demo never did! And the settings are weird now too. In the demo, i could set the texture detail to very high whereas the memory usage could be left at normal, what is recommended. Now..both settings are linked..they are always equal.
  5. JohnBanks

    Wont Install Either

    I have the same problem! Got 3 CRC error messages and when i tried to start the game i got another error message and the game refused to start. I am no trying to install it with all files copied to my HDD. I got my Copy from Amazon. It's the Just Flight Version. ---------- Post added at 07:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:17 PM ---------- No luck! I am still getting CRC errors, but this time for different files. The installer must be a joke heh? Any ideas how i can get this game to install? The demo worked just fine though.