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  1. Yes, I could fly is in the freeflight mode, but that's not what I'm trying to do heh... but thanks anyway. ---------- Post added at 08:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:23 PM ---------- I got it back. I ran one of the private sector tasks and it was there. I'll have to check further to see if it's available in the other areas. Now at least I have the game where I want it.
  2. (Hope the title is appropriate...) I completed my career. I saved up enough money to buy the Luxury Heli, but can't use it. All the career options are, "replay" which always defaults to the previous heli used. I can't use my heavy even after selling the heli last used to complete the task (I thought that if I only had the heavy, they'd let me use it). So my question is, once the career's complete, how can I continue flying the career tasks using a different (heavy) heli? Thanks in advance.
  3. mithbun

    responing helicopter

    I've been replaying the "rescue" a lot. I know it "spoils" the fun having free money, but I like having a lot in the bank even though I don't need it lol.
  4. I used to be able to sell it, then it would re-spawn. Is that still possible now with the patches?
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    I forgot...

    How to get the heavy helicopter to re-spawn after I sell it... (lol). I used to sell it, then it would come back and I could sell it again. Did the patch fix this or can I still do it? Thanks
  6. That's it, thanks!
  7. I have no problems getting the antenna, just delivering it. I actually got low on fuel one because I kept trying drop it. I don't ever remember having any problems when I first got the game... not sure what has changed. I still want the CD because in the event that I need to reinstall I won't have to worry about downloading it again. I have an above average high speed DSL and it took me HOURS to download it. Also, as it stands now I can't play without being online. I'm assuming that's not the case with the CD version? Does anyone know where the game's installed (Steam version)? I have checked everywhere and can't find it. EDIT: Well that was interesting. Imagine me blaming the game LOL. Now I'm suspecting it's just user-error! I restarted the mission and did everything I normally do. I picked up the antenna, then transported it to the spot where I was to drop it off. I laid it down perfectly, then landed my heli next to it so I could take a screen shot, then post it here. The antenna was spot on where it was supposed to be, then I hit, "ALT/ENTER" to exit the full screen mode. Guess what..... (dramatic pause)... the load was disconnected! Hmmm... strange. I thought in the easiest mode, the load was supposed to disconnect automatically. Well, either the "alt" key or the "enter" key disconnected the load (or the combination). Now I can move on with life... LOL. Thanks for the replies, sorry for wasting everyone's time... OH, one thing I didn't understand was something about a 40° angle. Not sure what that meant... but apparently I did it correctly and I just needed to release the load. Okay... back to the game I go! LOL
  8. I, for some miracle of God, got past my first bug.... (Picking up the second cargo container), now I can't drop the tower antenna successfully! Wish Steam would reply to my email so I can buy the CD version! I drop the antenna exactly where I'm supposed to, but it doesn't release it... buggers~!
  9. WOOT WOOT! Not sure what happened, but for some reason, I was able to pick up the second cargo container! Now I can continue with the game! I just kept trying it over and over and over. Guess he heli God's were looking out for me.. LOL Thanks to everyone who replied, much appreciated.
  10. I also have Win 7 pro. Problem could be that since I have the "Steam" version, the files may be on their site. Typically (from what I remember) if you're not online, you can't play the game... in fact, I'll check that not and be right back. If I can find where the files are located maybe your suggestion about pasting your files into my game might work. I'll be back.
  11. absolutely no offence taken, further, I appreciate your taking time to help me with this issue. I wonder if there's a way to edit a .cfg file to bypass this?
  12. I'm not necessarily here to get a refund... I just wish I could remember how I got through it the first time! Maybe I'll figure it out. Good advice though... if I can't figure it out, maybe I'll go the route you mentioned re the refund. I still enjoy the game and can still reply the other missions. I'll keep ya posted.
  13. Unfortunately, I downloaded the game from Steam. I HATE downloading games because it sucks not having the CD!!!! I did because I never saw the game in the store and wanted it. It took FOREVER to DL! After the fist discovery, I REDOWNLOADED the game again! Same problem. I have fast DSL (pay extra for faster than normal DSL) and it probably took 8 hours! RUBBISH! So that's where I am. I can't continue my career until I finish this task... so unless someone comes up with a fix, I'm screwed.
  14. I have tried the easiest mode and the next harder mode... I always use auto-hover LOL.. other wise I suck. It's damaged as soon as it gets to 100% (instantaneously) Don't even have time to use the throttle... as soon as it gets to 100%, it says cargo damaged. I have the 1.06 patch (though I don't know where to verify that. Most games have and "about" area where you can see what version you have. I can't find that area yet. LOL... ya, I'm trying to pick up the right container.. heh A long time ago when I started playing the game, I was able to do it, but for some reason now I can't get through that particular task.
  15. It's the scenario where he's flying to do the air show for the old vets. While enroute, they tell him to cancel that even though he's already enroute. He goes and picks up another heli, then heads towards a ship that appears to be listing. There are cargo boxes in the water. I can pick up the first one fine and deliver it. But when I go back to get the second, there's NO way to get it without damaging the cargo. The second box to be picked up is still on the ship. Does this help?