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  1. Hi Guys, I have quick questions that I would love some help with. Firstly, flattening ground. I would like to make a compound have flat ground: http://i.minus.com/jbmNiVzVWegKaW.bmp, kind of how I have outlined in this photo. What is the quickest and best way to do this? Secondly I have been using Homer Johnston's wonderful road painter 2 add-on, but I have got lots of ~2 metre gaps in my roads, as well as hairline ones. How can I fix this issue? Also what is the best way to make road intersections? Thanks for your help guys, it is hard starting off!
  2. defrager

    Blender for terrain editing

    Sooo.... Who has contact with Miroslav Horvath? Sounds like that tool he is creating/created would be awesome.
  3. If you want to get geo-referenced images of any zoom level, with the GPS stuff in the file, use this program: http://www.zubak.sk/TerraIncognita/ Global mapper can import OziExplorer data. When downloading the image, just select an area bigger than what you think you need, and use global explorer to export both the .xyz and a .png. Best of all, Terra Incognita is free!
  4. defrager

    High Quality Sat Map

    Stupid question: I got buldozer working, how do I rotate the view and zoom in/out? Neverminde: Q,Z and numpad :-(
  5. defrager

    High Quality Sat Map

    Where can I obtain a copy of Podagorsk's sat map? I presume with buildings I just make them all grey? Only leave trees in if I plan to put trees on top of the trees, or remove trees altogether? Same for bushes? Is there a guide on doctoring sat maps somewhere? ^^ This is lots of questions :-)
  6. defrager

    High Quality Sat Map

    I get why I should get rid of shadows, but why should I paint over buildings, roads, large trees? Surely I would want them to be seen from the air? My map isn't going to be all grass?
  7. defrager

    High Quality Sat Map

    Thanks for the quick reply! No doubt I will have many more questions going into this project!
  8. Hi guys, I am making a 5120x5120 map (1024x5), and I have some really nice real life aerial photography to use. However after reading some tutorials, it looks like the sat map and the size of the map have to be the same size? Is there any way to have a more detailed sat map? Thanks guys :)