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  1. I have a carefully-scripted mission that works excellently as long as a player is squad leader, but I've noticed that as soon as the AI takes control (when the squad leader is wounded, etc) it just kind of goes bonkers. Running off in the middle of nowhere and being stupid, etc. What I'd like to do is make it so when the PLAYER SQUAD LEADER is wounded/dead/unconscious for some reason, the AI won't give orders, instead waiting for a PLAYER to again take over as leader. I was hoping there's some sort of (disableai "LEAD") command, but I'm not finding anything that does this. Any tips? Thanks, guys!
  2. It seems that there is no way to make this happen... Bummer.
  3. Say, does someone have a working link to this file? I would love to access it... Thanks!
  4. I'm editing a mission in which the players utilize a MEV chopper and a Stryker MEV APC (which are AI-driven/piloted) to complete some objectives. Everything worked perfectly until I added a bunch of combat on the map, now I'm finding that my entire army is sending "Call for support" orders to these 2 units, deploying them all over the place and forcing them to ignore my carefully-scripted waypoints/radio actions. How do I set a MEV unit to be NOT called for support? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have a question about making a helicopter untargetable by the enemy. Before you leap for your snark hammers, let me just say that YES, I have searched for it. OK, let's get on with the discussion now. So, I have a UH-60M MEV chopper (named HeliMEV) that picks up the players and drops them off at the edge of an already-active battle. Everything has been working perfectly every time, and I just added the enemy units to the map. The problem is, despite the fact that there are dozens of friendly units right in the enemy's face, they decide instead to all target the chopper. This causes the chopper to behave erratically, land in the wrong spot, get shot down, land with wounded squadmates, etc. Since the chopper is mission-critical and players don't even have control over it (the AI is piloting), I don't want anything bad to happen to the players (or the chopper) before the mission has even really started. My research led me to put these scripts on the HeliMEV chopper init: this allowDamage false; this allowFleeing 0; camouflage = 0; audible = 0; accuracy = 1000; However, none of them really work. The allowFleeing command seemed to help, but the chopper still behaves differently than it did before I added the enemy units. Camoflage, Audible and Accuracy should each make the chopper untargetable, but none of them seem to work. So, based on my previous search (!!!), my questions are: 1. Am I using these commands correctly, or is there a syntax error here? 2. Is there another/better/easier way to prevent the enemy from targeting the chopper and the soldiers inside it? Thanks! *Edit: Solution found! thinking outside the box, I tried setCaptive on the copter and it worked. I wonder where they put the handcuffs?
  6. Single Player -> Scenarios -> My Missions -> Create -> 04 Combat and B02 Combat both give about 20-30 seconds for you to complete the objectives (which are always several minutes away from you) before telling you that someone else is going to do it and ordering you to get back to doing what you were doing (nothing). It seems like I should be replying to HQ and saying "yes, we'll do it", but the reply ("0") has these options grayed out. Is there some way to "accept" these missions so they'll give me more time? What am I doing wrong here?
  7. Very, very helpful, thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for. Also, what are the relative ranges on the Hind armaments?
  8. Well, I see this thread was immediately derailed and disregarded, but it seems to be the only source of information on what the heck to do with this helicopter in battle on the entire internets. So, let me reopen it. Here's my question: I just don't understand how to approach ground targets. As soon as I get near them I'm immediately shot down 100% of the time. I've tried flying in fast and low, I've tried flying in at 500 altitude, I've tried hovering slowly in the distance, no matter what I do I'm shot down within 10 seconds and destroy nothing. I've tried manual fire and unloaded all of my rockets as fast as I can right into the center of the enemy base as I fly by at 300kph, and destroyed nothing. Do I need to have a magic wand in my cockpit, or is there something I'm doing wrong? Please... is there a guide here somewhere that details what to do here? Thanks!
  9. Emetivore

    CrossfireX support in Catalyst 12-1?

    ** Update ** I discovered that the 12-2 drivers are up, and after downloading them, I found that the Arma2 profile was available. I followed your instructions and it didn't seem to work at first: my load time increased by like 2-3 mins (!!!) and I didn't get any performance increase. However, as soon as I went into video options and touched a slider, it kicked my FPS in Fraps from 15 to 30, and my load times went back to normal. Success!!! Thanks so much for the information you guys, I'mma be doing Time Trials till my eyes bleed!
  10. Emetivore

    CrossfireX support in Catalyst 12-1?

    Nice, now we're getting somewhere! TY Jedra and Dwarden! I managed to get up to step 4 in Jedra's recommendation, but I don't have Arma in my list at all. Do I need to update my profiles somehow, or plugin something to CCC, that perhaps I don't have? Where do I get the Arma profile? Thank you again for helping me with this, I'm sooo excited to play some TOH but, you know how it is, I wanna make sure it's running optimally before I really start playing it.
  11. Emetivore

    CrossfireX support in Catalyst 12-1?

    Please don't tell me I spent $50 (more than I spend on four other Steam games, typically) on a game that DOES NOT support Crossfire when my purchase decision was based on a demo that DOES support crossfire. That would be ridiculous. Devs, can I get a tip on how to enable my second card in the full version please?
  12. Emetivore

    CrossfireX support in Catalyst 12-1?

    Did a lil testing this morning, seems that I'm not able to activate my second card even after changing the filename... I'm quite surprised, considering it worked in the demo. What do I do? 15fps makes me sad :(
  13. I just picked up TOH tonight and I'm wondering if the Catalyst 12-1 drivers have support for CrossfireX, or if I need to fiddle with the filename for the exe like I did with the demo. If I need to change it, would I still rename it to Arma2OA.exe? Thanks for the info!
  14. Hey BI, you should have a Valentines Day sale on Steam! You could use the tagline "Love is in the air" and stress the co-op multiplayer, then sell it for 50% off so that couples can buy it and play it together. You could very easily modify the TOH logo for the event by simply making the lower (heart-shaped) section red, perhaps with an arrow through it. After all, you STILL haven't gone on sale via Steam, not even through the holidays where virtually everything ever made was sold at a discount. I bet there's many, many customers that are waiting for a sale day, like I am. Can I get a show of hands? ;) Feel free to use my idea, but make sure to send me two copies of TOH through Steam if you do! :D
  15. Emetivore

    CrossfireX Support?

    Amazing! My FPS just jumped from about 15 to about 30. Thanks for the quick fix, Devs! I've moved TOH to the top of my Steam wishlist. :)