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  1. @NeoArmageddon The CWR panelak is using custom textures - and the wall textures are simular to OFP ones. The CUP Nogova panelak uses the textures of arma 2 panelak, that were turned black and white. Yes, the inside structure is more complex, but the overall look of the building does not remind neither the OFP nor the real-life panelaks ofp-ones were built after at all. Oh. Well, it looks better than the current one. At least the same material is used. But it has no spiritual connection with the OFP. Maybe you try the CWR block textures for this one?
  2. I apologize for being rude. I didn't mean to offend neither you, nor the project, which I respect deeply. Yeah, @Valken is right - for a non-English speaker, which I am - it is kinda difficult to express exactly what you want to say and to not offend someone. I just disliked the new panelak, and used negative words that described my feelings for it. I will try to be more polite and constructive next time.
  3. Thank you for adding the CWR Islands. But IMHO - the original panelaks are a way better, then those you added. Original panelak is a normal, common in former Eastern block countries commieblock - look at the attached picture - the one you added is kinda stupid, unrealistic and simply bad made. The windows are too high - the first floor, at least, could be using wall textures, not the foundation ones.
  4. strelok93

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Very nice mod indeed, been waiting for it since Arma 3 release. But it is odd using the zombies outside of Altis and Stratis, since the zombies are based on Altis civilians. Can you make an optional config, for example, to use the russian civilians from RDS A2 civilian pack and takistan ones from Leights Opfor Pack?
  5. I really enjoyed the campaign, thank you for it. But I found fighting the AAF with the 2035 gear kinda odd, since it is better than the gear of the world superpowers, fighting for the islands. There is a wonderful mod, named Altis defence forces, that features russified AAF with soviet/modern russian gear. It would perfectly fit the campaign and the story, I think. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24321
  6. Bug report. The new Panelaks from Smd Buildings are buggy. The entrance is now buried under ground. I suggest to revert to original ones. Screens from Chernarus and sahrani. BTW, you are doing a great job, kju, thank you.
  7. I think, 8 story panelak doesnt require porches, as the real ones. But small windows, even fake ones, as the existing one on the last floor would be great. Maybe you just change the brick to fake windows? Make it 5/9 story panelaks? Also, the real commiblocks are usually 5/9 fllor, i saw 4 story only several times in my life, lol. I like the way the new Panelaks in Chernarus Plus are made - and every floor has its unique furniture. Yes, I think non elevator version would be great. But your island is already working great on Arma 3, I didn't encounter any bugs or glitches.
  8. I really enjoy the new enterable buildings, but the new Panelak looks weird. The old ones had balconies on the staircase, the new doesnt even have windows. First floor is now completely made of brick, which is strange - panelak is a commieblock and no comieblocks had first floor made of brick that way. I live in commieblock myself, and I must admit, the arma Panelak gave the feel of it, while the smd panelak doesn't. Also, elevators are never used in 4 floor commieblocks, especially in such a way. Also the new Panelak lacks furniture. I made a comparison picture. http://i.imgur.com/rPqJaHS.jpg (825 kB) I really hope, that version is temporary and unfinished and look forward for a new version, since sahrani is my favourite island, and you are really making it nicer. Thank you for that, but for now i'll use the 1.2 version.
  9. Is there a way to launch CWR2 with AiA without crashes? I, personally, found a way - the reason of crashing are shadows of some objects - 'scola' on Nogova, for example. So swithing shadows off removes the crushes and let me play, but arma without shadows look terrible - maybe there is another way? BTW, desert island and winter Kolgujew doesn't crash even with shadows on.
  10. This addon is great, but one fact ruines everything. After all of these addons are being installed the editor is full of c**p. The native mods' classfolders double the AiA classfolders, so we have two CDF, two Russians, two Takis an so on. That would be great, if AiA HQ also hid all those mods' native classfolders, so only the native ARMA 2 classes were shown.
  11. @ Valken @ .kju That's a pity. BTW i managed to load seatle with AiA SA, but without half of the buildings. I'll wait for official support, I guess. BTW, .kju you are doing a great job, thank you.
  12. Can the standalone AiA be used to bring Take on Helicopters content to Arma? As far as I understand, the old non-standalone could. But there are no mentions of TKOH in the description of standalone. So what?